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Requirements from DOORS & co via ReqIF.

See ImportExport and ReqIF Roundtrp for all supported formats. With the ReqIF format you may establish bi-directional traceability according to SPICE.

hoReverse is a workbench to ease reverse Engineering of C/C++ into EA (Enterprise Architect). It helps you make a model out of existing C/C++ code. The major focus is to make Activity Diagrams out of code and link it to the static architecture.

In essence, it helps you to produce a Functional Safety compliant detailed design on the basic of Activity Diagrams, Classes, Interfaces with Operations and Attributes. All the model elements are linked together to make maintainable models.

Because in embedded I like the concept of Ports there are a lot of features to boost the work with ports.


In a lot of embedded C/C++ projects with EA I missed functionality to create and maintain:

  • Architecture
  • Detailed Design from Code
  • Activity Diagrams to model module behavior

Especially the requirements of safety (ASIL D or SIL 3) projects forced me to do dull work with a lot of errors and frustrating reviews or to find something to make it run more smoothly.

That was the start of hoReverse. By the time it grows and in current projects I'm able to make a decent detailed design from Code with not too much manual work.

Is this all according to theory or the processes?

Let's discuss it, but it works.

Example: Create Activity from Opertion

Select Class, Operation and generate the Activities for every Operation with:

  • Activity
  • Activity Diagram
  • Parameter
  • Stereotype

If the operation has changed just Update it or them.


And a lot more!


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