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Addin with Tools for SPARX Enterprise Architect (EA)


  • Windows
  • .NET 4.5.2 or greater
  • EA 10.0 or greater
  • Local administration rights for installation (register COM dll)

Known issues

  • No



Collection of useful tools (see also Wiki):

  • hoTools Assortment of tools
    • Toolbar for Searches, SQL, Services and Scripts
      • 5 Searches (EA or from SQL File)
      • 5 Services (Predefined hoTools Services, your beloved Script (VBScript, JavaScript, JScript))
    • Global Keys for Searches, SQL, Services and Scripts
      • e.g.: F1+Ctrl executes your beloved Search (EA, SQL-File)
      • e.g.: F1+Ctrl+Shft locks the selected Package
      • e.g.: F2+Ctrl+Shft runs your beloved Script (VBScript, JavaScript, JScript)
    • Set diagram Line Style
    • Version Control + SVN
    • Quick Search
      • Auto complete Search, Find Search + List all Searches
    • Port support
    • Favorites
    • Export SQL query results to Excel (hoTools, SQL, Script)
    • Clipboard CSV to Excel
    • Diagram Style/Theme
    • ..
  • SQL with tabbed Windows
    • Select, Insert, Delete, Update
    • Export SQL query results to Excel
    • Templates
    • Macros (easy access to EA items / Packages or complete Branches, a lot more than EA delivers)
    • Easy handling of SQL errors
    • Conveyed Items
    • *.sql files in file system (you may use favorite Editor)
    • Find Search
  • Script which runs for SQL results
    • All EA script languages (vbScript, JScript, JavaScript)
    • Compatible to Geert Bellekens great VBScript Library
    • Script can be called from Search Results, Key, Toolbar
  • Find&Replace
    • Find simple string or Regular Expression
    • Name, Description, Stereotype, Tagged Value
    • in Packages, Elements, Diagrams, Attributes, Operations
  • COM Server for SQL searches
  • Configure
    • Buttons & Global Keys
    • Searches & Services & Scripts
    • GUI appearance
  • Administration of EA
    • Version Control
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Wiki

SQL Query

  • Tabbed Editor or use your own editor
  • Macro replacement (ID, GUID, Branch, DiagramSelectObject, ConveyedItem,..)
  • DB specific (#DB=ORACLE#,..)
  • Comment your SQL
  • Easy find SQL error
  • Load / Save to file
  • History / Last opened
  • Easy cooperation with your beloved editor (try e.g. atom,..)
  • etc.

SQL Query + Script (VB, JScript, JavaScript)

  • Run SQL and do something by script with the results


  • C#
  • ActiveX for Addin GUI
  • BookMe for Online Help (powerful!)
  • Configuration (*.xml)
  • Installation via WIX
  • Load MDG during startup
  • Handling Keys
  • Integrated Geert Bellekens VBScript Library
  • Useful Searches
  • Installable for different customers (brands)
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Visual Studio Debug: Select "Enable native code debugging"

Power features C/C++ for SPICE / FuSi

Inside code are many powerful features to Reverse Engineer C/C++ Code for e.g. SPICE or FuSi (Functional Safety). With the existing code and a little knowhow it's easy to develop SPICE or FuSi compatible Architecture and Design.

Some features:

  • Generate Activity Diagram from code snippets


  • Uninstall hoTools
  • hoTools.msi (Setup\bin\Release\hoTools.msi)
  • In EA: Extension, Addin Windows is selected
  • In EA: Manage Addins, MDG: hoTools is selected
  • hoToolsRemove.ps1 (deinstall with PowerShell)
  • Make sure only one instance of hoTools is installed
  • See also: Installation

Install folders

  • c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Apps\hoTools\
    • The application installation folder
    • Examples SQL files
  • c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\ho\hoTools\
    • Data folder
    • user.config Configuration


Release 3.3

  • Service Move Copied Search elements of clipboard to selected package
  • Update nuget packages

Release 3.2.13

  • Fix Style Properties without nothing to change is now possible
  • Fix export SQL results to Excel
  • Fix Find & Replace (TaggedValue with <memo> and from MDG & more)

Release 3.2.12

  • Standard searches to search for updated to release 14.
  • Simplified GUI for generation Activities for Operation, workaround EA error for inherited operations

Release 3.2.11

  • Fixed error nested query
  • linq2db 2.20 updated

Release 3.2.10 Group (Un)lock

  • Group (Un)Lock for Package, Package Recursive and element

Release 3.2.9 Add-In Search by LinqToSql instead of EA API (rearly fast)

Release 3.2.8

  • AddInSearch for NestedElements like Requirements for selected Package/Element or GUID in SearchText
    • New Service Search/Show NestedElements like Requirements for selected Package/Element or GUID in SearchText
      • New Service 'Search nested elements like requirements'
      • Show the nested requirements in Search windows with indentation
    • See also ReqIF for EA
  • Show errors of Script engine
  • fixing
  • AddInSimple fixed

Release 3.2.7

  • New service "Copy ID of Package, Element, Diagram,.. to Clipboard"
  • Minor bug fixing/improvements
  • Improve speed of creating/updating Activities from operations.
  • Exception adding note to diagram fixed
  • Nuget packages updated

Release 3.2.6

  • Settings were't accessable fixed
  • No Error message if Settings.Json doesn't contain configuration chapter for Styles, Bulk changes and more
    • Menu entry shows the information of missing configuration

Release 3.2.5

  • Bulk change of Elements
  • Find search: Coloring of matching characters optimised
  • Fix create Note linked to connector (Feature, Note)

Release 3.2.4

  • Service Copy Type, Name, GUID, Review to Clipboard (for e.g. review)
  • Fix Find Search
  • Generating Activcity from Operation with combined create/update

Release 3.2.3

  • Toolbar searches configurable to use <Search Term> from configuration or from GUI '<Search Term>' in configuration to use GUI <Search term>
  • Service Copy Type, Name, GUID, Review to Clipboard (for e.g. review)

Release 3.2.2

  • Setup for per-user and per-user (Single Package authoring, per user without admin right)
  • NoAdmin install to show a simple per-user without admin rights and without dialog
  • Integrate SQLite
  • Integrate access to VS Code C/C++ Symbol Database
  • Minor fixes error handling

Release 3.2.1

  • Update Glossary via *.csv
  • Update linq2db to 1.9

Release 3.2

  • Fix some minor errors
    • locate type
    • update Activity from operation)
  • Change Fuzzy Algorithm to find Search (EA+SQL)
  • Repository informations (Help, Show Repository Properties)
  • About with path of dll's and settings'

Release 3.1.9

  • Fixing error with Deployment
    • hoTools (3.1.8) has to be installed manually

Release 3.1.8

  • Output Repository information
  • Port handling optimised
    • Default port position 1+2
    • Round robin ports around parend classifier
    • Rotate Port Label
    • Cofigurable with settings.json

Release 3.1.7

  • WIX Setup names the *.msi file according to ProductVersion in Product.wxs
  • MIT License
  • Advanced error checking in EA_OnPostNewConnector

Release 3.1.6

  • Error CheckIn/CheckOut fixed
  • VC Set *.xml file optimised
  • Sort Diagram Elements alphabetic (also packages in Diagram)

Release 3.1.5

  • Fix errors Port, Pin, Parameter, Label Handling
  • Move all usages of source element to target element Types, Diagram usage, generalization, ..

Release 3.1.4

  • Error fixing
  • LINQPad output html supported

Release 3.1.3

  • LINQPad support error fixing
  • LINQPad additional example queries (show LINPad connections)
  • LINQPad find connection according to EA connection string

Release 3.1.1

  • AddInSimple (1.0.5):
    • Example EA context information for LINQPad
    • About with versions
  • hoTools
    • LINQPad queries from hoTools
    • Send context information to LINQ
    • Error fixing

Release 3.1.0

  • About with product version and linq2db version
  • Port Services added
  • Fix copy Port
  • Improved LINQ to SQL and LINQPad support
    • Run Query to html, csv, text
    • Output query results in EA Model Search
    • AddInSimple: Example run LINQPad and output html, csv, text and output results to EA Search Window

Release 3.0.9

  • LINQ for SQL integrated (JET, SQLSVR, MySQL tested, other DBs implemented but not tested) Project: hoLinqToSql
  • AddinSimple 1.0.3 With query example implemented with LINQ for SQL, tested with: JET, SqlServer, MySQL

Release 3.0.8

  • AddInSimple: Add-In Search 'AddInSearchSamplePackageContent' corrected
  • hoTools: Reorganisation ReplaceWildCard
  • Fix: Feature, Notes, Constraint for Diagram, Element, Package, Connector, Attribute, Operation
  • optimise SQL to Excel (Check if SQL-file is available)

Release 3.0.7

  • Error fixed: hoTools installer doesn't create AppDataFolder'
  • Default setting Linestyle. Activity corrected to 'no'
  • Error fixed: hoTools configuration isAutoCounter = false

Release 3.0.6

  • Service Copy FQ (Package, Element, Diagram, Attribut, Operation, Stereotypes) to ClipBoard
  • AddInSimple V1.0.1 added (AddInSimple to show Add-In and how to use Add-In for Shape Scripts )

Release 3.0.5

Release 3.0.3 + 3.0.4

  • Auto Numbering for Name/Alias for type/stereotype
    • Setting.json: Define format, object_types, stereotype, ..
    • Drag and Drop Diagram
    • New numbering according to createtedDate
    • Correct numbering according for formal incorrect Name/Alias
    • EA 13.0 Specification Manager don't calls EA_OnNewPostElememnt (known EA bug) Roundabout: Use Auto Number New of dialog in Menu Spec
  • Fixing error with empty SQL <Search Term>

Release 3.0.2

  • Error fixing Find & Replace (Some buttons weren't visible')
  • Code HyperScripting without/own get Model added (Example for own replacemenent of GetObject(,"EA.App"))

Release 3.0.1

  • Error fix Diagram selection handling (LineStyle and more)
  • Error fix non recursive change for package
  • Diagram Object + Link Style recursive
  • Completeness Marker for Diagram objects (complete global, complete Diagram, incomplete Diagram)

Release 3.0.0

  • Bulk change Diagram Styles (Diagram, Diagram Objects, Diagram Links)

One Click and:

  • Show hidden links

  • Let them disappear

  • Change Style of Diagram (recursive, conditional, ..)

  • Change Style of Diagram Objects (Package, Elements,..., conditional)

  • Change Style of Diagram Links (Package, Elements,..., conditional)

  • Apply EA Layout Styles (Font, Colors, Linewidth, bold) for a bunch of Diagram Nodes or Links

  • Amount of Buttons extended to 10

  • Fix error context diagram (leads to an exception if current diagram and context diagram differ)

  • Code refactoring

Release 2.1.6

  • Diagram Styles, configurable via 'Settings.json'

  • Hybrid Scripting for *.exe (Using C#, Java,.. instead of VB Script & co), Example

  • Hybrid Scripting for *.dll (Using C# dll,.. instead of VB Script & co), Example

  • Service Added: Copy Name to Clipboard

  • Service Added: Copy Name to Clipboard and search with "Quick Search" for item name

  • Service Added: Diagram Style 1

  • Service Added: Diagram Style 2

  • Error fixing

  • Remember: Services can be bound to Keys or Buttons

Release 2.1.5

  • hoTools inventaries loaded MDGs (hoBasicMDG,..)
  • Fixing error in Searches (CLASSID->CLASSGUID)
  • Linestyle TH (Tree Horizontal) was implemented as Lateral Horizontal)
  • Sorting Features (Attributes, Operations)
  • Link features to a Note
  • Preparation inventories C# Extensions to use as Scripts
  • Error in Diagram.class fixed (last selected element is the first in the collection)
  • Default line style StateMachine 'no' (need to delete configuration, %APPDATA%ho\hoTools\user.config, change per configuration)
  • Reset settings to default settings
  • Error fixing

Release 2.1.3

  • External SQL Editor integration improved
  • Link to help improved
  • FindUsage (Error Message if search not existed (catch try block))
  • Missing try catch in Show Specification
  • Script: Catch error set SplitterDistance (I can't reproduce but it will do no harm)
  • Change Author optimised
  • Fixed: Modale windows stuck behind main window


  • Wrong installation file 2.1.2 corrected
  • Attribute up and down
  • Set and view package folder optimised

Release 2.1.2

  • synchronisation Part Ports with its Type, usually a Class/Block
    • 'Show Ports' also synchronises ports between a block and its properties/parts (add/delete)
    • synchronised is the following information
      • Name
      • Stereotype
      • Notes
  • Search with Context Menu (Right Click)
    • Edit current hoTools SQL Search with Editor
    • Open the folder of current hoTools SQL Search
    • Run Search and export results to Excel (no Excel required)
    • Export Clipboard with csv data to Excel (no Excel required)
  • SQL Context Menu contains
    • Edit current hoTools SQL Search with Editor
    • Open the folder of current hoTools SQL Search
  • Fixed error in example Script hoDemoRunSQL (leads to error message during initialisation)
    • Delete Script 'hoDemoRunSQL' in EA ScriptWindow
    • Comment the last line by inserting a ' character at start of a line

Release 2.1.1

  • Error fixing hoModelView MDG
  • Port,Parameter,Pin support increased (UML + SysML) (Structural Elements)
    • Button + Services show/hide Port,Parameter, Pin
    • Button + Services show/hide Port,Parameter, Pin Label
    • Button + Services show/hide Port

Release 2.1

  • Add Note, Constraint to Diagram, link to Node, Link, Diagram
  • Example Model Views 'hoModelView' to view Diagrams in Model View
  • SQL Searches of MDG, 'My Searches' are now inventoried.
  • Searches were faulty (ea_id instead of ea_guid), fixed in hoToolsBasic.xml,..
  • File error "d:\temp\sql\Branch.sql" fixed, cause unclear
  • Jump between a composite diagram and owning diagram fixed (null value)
  • Wiki updated

Release 2.0.11

  • SQL Query Results can be exported to Excel (no Excel required)
  • Clipboard CSV content can be exported to Excel (no Excel required)
  • User SQL Search definitions possible
  • Reverse direction of edge (connector, dependency, association, information flow, SysML Item Flow)
  • Unused references deleted (no functional implication)
  • Implementation documentation added
  • Search can't find Tagged Values in of Package

Release 2.0.10

  • Favourites (Show Favourites didn't work)
  • SysML Locate Part for Sequence Call by name
  • Add Load Scripts (if a Script is changed the user has to update the Script in hoTools before using it)
  • Script Examples for JavaScript
  • EAModel with Clipboard functions (for usage in Scripts)
  • Default Line style all none (delete *.xml file required, or File, Settings,) It's possible that Activity Diagrams and Statechart have a default Line style You may want to change it by File, Settings, Default Line style

Release 2.0.9

  • Consolidate Tag of release (skip 2.0.8)
  • Fix: Conveyed Items for Information Flow and Connector
  • Fix: Opened tabbed were duplicated by opening another repository
  • optimisation: Only one Button Conveyed Items (former two, function decides from selected element/connector/flow)
  • optimisation: Only one Button Notes (former two, function decides from selected element/diagram what to do)
  • Switch off annoying Tooltip in SQL window
  • Search description adapted to EA 13

Release 2.0.7

  • Global Keys with possible start Script (VBScript, JavaScript, JScript)
  • Toolbar with possible start Script (VBScript, JavaScript, JScript)
  • Fix: Automatic line style: Line-style of a length of 1 leads to Exception
  • Error fixed Script usage of hoTools as COM Object

Release 2.0.6

  • QuickSearch selection with autocomplete for available Searches
  • SQL Searches (multiple folders are possible, file name should be unique)
  • MDG
  • Own Searches
  • Standard Searches
  • Determine Search
    • Autocomplete (.NET standard feature)
    • Find the part of the string after Up, Down, Blank Key
      • Double Click in find starts Search

Not yet scheduled

  • Search Management (for Quick Search)
    • Enable Category (Settings)
    • Favourites (configuration via JSON)
    • EA Standard Searches (configurable via JSON, my EA Standard Searches)


I appreciate your feedback!!