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With EA Add-Ins you can make marvelous things. Usually, you need some time to:

  • grasp the possibilities
  • avoid typical pitfalls
  • cope with the nuts and bolts
  • handle deployment


AddInSimple is part of hoTools and shows basic features to develop your Add-Ins with:

AddiÍnSimple is based on Geert Bellekens Tutorial Your First AddIn in 10 Minutes

Application area

  • Make your own Views with user interaction
  • Generate and navigate
  • Automation
  • Give Shape Scripts the extra feature
  • Make your arbitrary complex Model Search

Shape Script hoTools compact


I use

  • LINQPad to test code and make quick queries in EA (C#, F#, VB)
  • LinqToSql to develop complex and database independent queries

Check installation with EA Installation Inspector V4

Visual Studio clean solution often helps!

Check installation witn EA Installation Inspector V2, error

In case of installation issues like can't load Add-In:

  • If you change an assembly version of a COM object of your Add-In (Root+every Window) you have to update the file information (collect by WIX or simply update the version)
  • EA Installation Inspector

Visual Studio



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