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pi3diamond is a toolkit for confocal scanning, anti-bunching, FLIM, pulsed ODMR / NMR, and more sophisticated quantum physics experiments, typically performed with NV centers in diamond, written in python using the enthought traits packages.


pi3diamond is a set of python modules that consists of

  • classes to control instruments (microwave sources, piezo scanners, etc.)
  • widgets to run measurements (confocal scanning, ODMR, etc.)
  • a scheduler and cron daemon to control the execution of measurements

To use the modules, you will typically write a little startup script, that defines your hardware instruments and starts up GUI widgets for the measurements you want to run.


clone the git repository, copy '' to a new file, e.g. '', open it in an editor and adopt it to your needs.

open an ipython shell with a QT GUI event loop ipython --gui=qt and run the startup script run

Note: you can try out most of pi3diamond without actual hardware connected by using the mocking classes found in hardware.mocking.