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Graphics and Illustrations

Welcome! This repo is intended as a collection of some of the graphics and illustrations I have created. There are two main purposes:

  1. I can have access to my stuff anywhere in the world so long as I have an internet connection
  2. Some people don't fancy messing about in inkscape for 3 hours to get a graph to look nice. So all my stuff is placed under an open license (see below for details): you can use and modify this at will and for free so long as you give credit.

If you end up using these resources and use twitter, send me a pic of the result @sydonahi! I'd love to see this stuff being useful to people!

I do a lot of this for fun, so I'm more than happy to make custom graphs on requests for free. Hit me up on twitter @Sydonahi or send me an email

Science Graphics

This content is more academic and specialist oriented (as opposed to the what's a.. infographcis which are aimed at the general public).

  • sn_spectra (SVG, PDF, PNG): Just a summary of the main features of SN spectra. Inspired by similar graphs by Kasen and Gal-Yam.
  • electron_scattering (SVG, PDF, PNG)
  • sn_classification (SVG, PDF, PNG): Summary of the supernvoa classification. One of my older pics.

"What's a..." infographics.

What's a Supernova? What's a Star? What's a blackhole?

Those are cool questions with cool answers. One of the best way to explain complex concepts with through effective visual design. The "What's a.." project is to create simple infographics for public engagement and outreach purposes.

Completed infographics

  • What's a Star? (SVG, PDF, PNG)
  • What's a Supernova? (SVG, PDF, PNG)
  • What is Open Source? (SVG, PDF, PNG)

Work in Progress Infographics

  • What's a White Dwarf? (SVG, PDF, PNG)
  • What's a Protostar? (not yet committed)

Individual illustrations

These are designs and illustrations I made for the infographics that I thought may be useful again at a later date so I put them in individual files. You can also access these and use them or modify them for your own projects.

Using these resources: The License

Each infographic comes in .pdf and .svg format as well as .png. You can use the PDF as is or extracts particular elements from the SVG file easily by opening in a vector graphics editor. You don't need anything fancy! All these designs where created in Inkscape which is completely free! From Inkscape you can modify these designs to fit your needs... which brings me onto the most important things here:

All the work in this repository is completely open! Under the CC-BY License 4.0, you can use, share and modify this work for free, so long as you give attribution.

Attribution if used or shared as is:

"Original desgin by H. F. Stevance / "

Attribution if modified or used in parts only:

"From an original design by H. F Stevance / "

I hope that what I'm going to put here will be useful. Feel free to get in touch (see below) if you have any requests or suggestions!

Upcoming work

I've got some plans as to what I want to create in the future: -[] "What's a Black Hole?" -[] "What's a Core Collapse Supernova?" -[] "What's a Thermonuclear Supernova?" -[] "What's a Pulsar?" -[] "What's Gravitational Waves?"


Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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