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Bridging the gap between observation and theory
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Bridging the gap between observation and theory

In order to facilitate the application of BPASS to a wide range of scientific investigations, we have developped the tools necessary for observers to take full advantage of our models in an intuitive manner.

Hoki isn't only versatile, it also takes care of the nitty gritty pre-processing! Spend less time on coding and more time on the science!

Installing hoki

You can pip install the most recent stable release from pip:

pip3 install --user hoki

Read the docs

Click Here! Click Here! Click Here!

Download Tutorials

Check out these Jupyter notebooks I made - you can find them on this repo!


A peer-reviewed journal article about hoki will appear in due time but for now you can use the following bibtex entry:

  author =   {Heloise Stevance},
  title =    {Hoki},
  howpublished = {\url{}},
  doi = {10.5281/zenodo.3445659},
  year = {2019}

Please if you use `hoki` for your science, do include us in your publications! As you can imagine developing a tool and maintaining it for the community is very time consuming, and unfortunatly citations remain the most important metric.


This project is Copyright (c) H. F. Stevance and licensed under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause license. This package is based upon the Astropy package template which is licensed under the BSD 3-clause licence. See the licenses folder for more information.


If ANYTHING comes to mind, whether it be something in the tutorials, features you would like us to consider, BUGS, etc.. Please just drop it in an issue! Don't let your imposter syndrome talk you out of it ;)

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