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Efficient Low-Memory Aligner

This is a word alignment tool based on efmaral, with the following main differences:

  • More compact data structures are used, so memory requirements are much lower (by orders of magnitude).
  • The estimation of alignment variable marginals is done one sentence at a time, which also saves a lot of memory at no detectable cost in accuracy.

Technical details relevant to both efmaral and eflomal can be found in the following article:


To compile and install the C binary and the Python bindings:

sudo make install
python3 install

edit Makefile manually if you want to install somewhere other than the default /usr/local/bin. Note that the script now uses the eflomal executable in the same directory as, rather than in $PATH.


There are three main ways of using eflomal:

  1. Directly call the eflomal binary. Note that this requires some preprocessing.
  2. Use the command-line interface, which is partly compatible with that of efmaral. Run python3 --help for instructions.
  3. Use the Cython module to call the eflomal binary, this takes care of the preprocessing and file conversions necessary. See the docstrings in eflomal.pyx for documentation.

In addition, there are convenience scripts for aligning and symmetrizing (with the atools program from fast_align) as well as evaluating with data from the WPT shared task datasets. These work the same way as in efmaral, please see its README for details.

Data format

The interface expects one sentence per line with space-separated tokens, similar to most word alignment software.


This is a comparison between eflomal, efmaral and fast_align.

The difference between efmaral and eflomal is in part due to different default parameters, in particular the number of iterations and the number of independent samplers.

Note that all timing figures below include alignments in both directions (run in parallel) and symmetrization.


Languages Sentences AER CPU time (s) Real time (s)
English-French 1,130,551 0.081 1,232 337
English-Inkutitut 340,601 0.203 161 44
Romanian-English 48,681 0.298 159 33
English-Hindi 3,530 0.467 31 6


Languages Sentences AER CPU time (s) Real time (s)
English-Swedish 1,862,426 0.133 1,719 620
English-French 1,130,551 0.085 763 279
English-Inkutitut 340,601 0.235 122 46
Romanian-English 48,681 0.287 161 46
English-Hindi 3,530 0.483 98 10


Languages Sentences AER CPU time (s) Real time (s)
English-Swedish 1,862,426 0.205 11,090 672
English-French 1,130,551 0.153 3,840 241
English-Inuktitut 340,601 0.287 477 47
Romanian-English 48,681 0.325 208 17
English-Hindi 3,530 0.672 24 2


Efficient Low-Memory Aligner




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