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For WMT18 participants

The test suite (English source sentences used in WMT18) can be found in select_shuf/morpheval-enfi-2018.en

The results of the evaluation can be found in the eval_parts folder:

  • Summary of all feature accuracy values: eval_parts/all.numbers.tsv
  • Per-system feature accuracies: eval_parts/results/[submission-name].numbers.tsv
  • Detailed output listing each contrast pair with morphological analysis and evaluation decision: eval_parts/results/[submission-name].eval.tsv

Data preprocessing

  • The tag folder contains scripts to tag the English news files. It also contains a script to extract Adj+Noun chunks from the data.
  • The ner folder contains scripts to annotate the English news files with the Stanford NER system. It also contains scripts to extract frequent and rare named entities.
  • The lm folder contains a 5-gram language model trained on the news data and scripts for training it.

Contrast pair extraction, generation and filtering

  • The extract folder contains the scripts for extracting example sentences from the tagged news files, and the resulting files.
  • The score folder contains the scripts for scoring the example sentences with the language model and filtering out the lowest third of sentences.
  • The select_shuf folder contains scripts to select a random sample of n (=500 in our case) example sentence pairs per feature, and to reformat them for the test suite.

Translation output evaluation

  • The eval_test folder contains a script to translate the testsuite using an existing HNMT system, including tokenization/detokenization using the Moses tools.
  • The eval folder contains the evaluation service scripts, i.e. the script to perform the morphological analysis on the translations and the script to evaluate the contrasts.
  • The eval_parts folder contains the evaluation results for the systems submitted at WMT18 (see above). It also contains scripts to aggregate values of different systems and to extract examples for manual evaluation.


WMT18 Testsuite for Finnish morphology






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