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The basic idea is that we have a set of waypoints that are known only to the race server, contestants can "ping" the server with their GPS coordinates and get back a list of distances to the waypoints, these distances have a certain fuzz-factor (==random error) that depends on the scale of the distance (so if you're close it might be tens of meters but if your far it might be or hundreds of km).

To get better estimate of the locations of the waypoints draw circles on the map after the ping (center on your location, radius by distance), then move a bit (depending on the scale this might be several km) and ping again, draw another set of circles and a pattern will start emerging.

Each ping gives a time penalty that is somehow based on the scale of the race (if we draw a circle around all the waypoints we can use the radius as base for that scale), if all waypoints are inside a smallish city (say Helsinki...) then the penalty can be minutes but if the scale is something like whole of Finland then they need to be hours.

If the scale is suitable GeoHash points for the day can be used as one of the waypoints, this will be a published fact. Achievements Can be used for time bonus.

Fastest time wins, this can be done either individually or as teams.

Choosing the waypoints is a bit of a problem, either someone who is not participating does it manually or that we have a large list of waypoints and when creating a race the server will do a random selection inside a given circle of scale.

For more "serious" races we need to make a simple "Ping device" that has GPS, GSM, SD-card, display and a simple MCU to tie all this together, packaged so that tampering is evident, it will act as route tracker (store on SD) and by pressing a button a ping can be sent and then the reply list of distances is shown on the display (these devices are identified by their GSM IMEI to the server)


  • A proof-of-concept client used to test the distance calculation and fuzzing code, runs completely stand-alone.


  • Figure out how to calculate the "scale" of the race (basically middle point of all waypoints and then circle radius based on longest distance to a waypoint)
  • Write a network ping server with some sort of multi-user registration (each ping request is hashed with a token given to the user), at first it will only run one race at a time, but needs to be extendable multiple races (ie multiple waypoint sets).
  • Write Maemo/Meego/IOS/Android clients that will talk with the ping server (these clients will only return the list of distances, the visualization is not done for you [the point is that contestants a paper map and draw circles on it, or they could code their own visualizer...]), it will also keep local copy of your full GPS track for further reference.
  • Write a web-widget that displays the ping locations of racers on a map
    • At least while the race is running do not display timestamps of pings
      • There was an idea to allow limited count of "stealth" pings that are not shown on this map while the race is on.
      • Also a good question is how check-in at a waypoint ? I'm leaning towards a ping (either stealth or normal) at the location (there obviously needs to be some sort of grace radius but I think not more than 15m)
    • After the race has concluded add the waypoint markers on the map as well
    • After the race has concluded display full GPS tracks (I guess this is somehow possible on OSM web api ?) on the map (the clients will upload the tracks to server at given intervals)