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A nuclear reactor simulator / game project, by Helsinki Hacklab.

Uses physical consoles with buttons and gauges for input and output and a linux computer running various pieces of interfacing and simulation software.

Design and plans in etherpad here:

A phone-cam video of the first console & reactor lid in action:


ALT Party 2011

We didn't quite finish everything in time but still got very nice feedback, photos at (Google translated), Jeri shot a video:

Camp Pixelache 2012

The game was playable and we made a lot of alarm noises, the dials indicating control rod positions were missing though (we didn't have enough time to re-do them as most of the servos used at ALT party were dead).

Some photos from the event and late nights preceding it can be seen in this article (text in Finnish, Google Translated)

WÄRK:fest 2012

We managed to get the control console to a mostly working state, also the reactor lid worked fine (apart from some minor glitches), even the smoke-machine controls worked (the smoke machine itself has to be repaired too, the pump-control triac had given up it's magic-smoke and had to be replaced).

"Pics or it didn't happen":

Model Expo 2013

Only the reactor control console was there.

FinnCon 2013

The whole setup was there.

Happy Hacking Day 2014 as part of Helsinki Hacklabs stand. Full setup presented.

Next: ??

Don't know yet, but improvements will continue, at some point we will get around to making the coms-console functional too (Turku hacklab has shown some interest in working on the plant-control console, seen as the rightmost console on the coms-picture)

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