outputAsCSV should default to false #3

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Thanks for the work you've done in this - it looks great!

The only issue I have is that the default outputAsCSV value changes how the form submits data. It took me a while to work out why my form suddenly didn't work when I sumo'd it (and how to fix that). I had thought I was just changing the look and feel (as with similar widgets I've used for jQuery UI).

Would it not make more sense for a simple $().SumoSelect({}) to leave the form POST exactly the same as it was before the call? I would have thought most people using this would only be looking for browser-side changes.


Thanks for your concern @ariddlestone .

outputAsCSV was not intentionally left as true by default. The project i was working on has such requirements at the moment so it left as it is. if you dont want to use $().SumoSelect({ outputAsCSV : false }) then you can edit the minified js and change outputAsCSV to false by default 👍 .
i will change it in next release.

@HemantNegi HemantNegi closed this Jul 21, 2014
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