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A Leiningen plugin for generating function dependency graphs.


Put [lein-clique "0.1.2"] into the :plugins vector of your profile

lein-clique goes through your source code to find which functions external to a function's namespace it depends on, then generates a graphviz graph of those dependencies. If you analyze the graph, you can find for example which functions are most used by other functions (in-degree - in the Clojure core namespace these are: concat, seq and list), or which functions are most dependent on other functions.


cd into your project and:

$ lein clique

by default, namespaces starting with 'clojure' are excluded so if you want to include clojure's namespaces do:

$ lein clique []

or to filter out namespaces beginning with certain strings:

$ lein clique [\"somenamespace\" \"anothernamespace\"]

A graphviz file called is then generated, which you can run through a graph visualization tool like Gephi to make it look nice.

Using Clique without leiningen:

You can also just use Clique as a library by adding [lein-clique "0.1.2"] to your project.clj's :dependencies vector, then:

=> (require '[clique.core :as c])
=> (c/all-deps "./src")

will return a map of all functions in namespaces in your source path to the functions they depend on (including duplicates, in case you want to know frequencies)

=> (pprint (sort-by val (frequencies (mapcat val (c/all-deps "./src")))))

to get such a map for a particular namespace do:

=> (c/all-fq (c/dependencies 'your.namespace))


Copyright © 2013 Matthew Chadwick

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.