MATLAB implementation of the Joint Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction Framework proposed in my Ph.D. thesis
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% Joint Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction Framework
% Author Information: 
% Hendrik Dirks
% Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics
% University of Muenster, Germany
% Contact:
% Version 1.0
% Date: 2015-12-09

% All Rights Reserved
% Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
% documentation for any purpose other than its incorporation into a
% commercial product is hereby granted without fee, provided that the
% above copyright notice appear in all copies and that both that
% copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting
% documentation, and that the name of the author and University of Muenster not be used in
% advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the software
% without specific, written prior permission.

If you use this framwork, please use the following citation
  author       = {Dirks, H.},
  title        = {Variational Methods for Joint Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction},
  school       = {Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics University of Muenster},
  month        = {june},
  year         = {2015},
  keywords     = {Image Processing, Image Reconstruction, Motion Estimation, Joint Image Reconstruction and Motion Estimation, Total Variation, Optical Flow, Microscopy Imaging, Biomedical Imaging, Temporal Inpainting, Variational Methods, Primal-Dual Methods},
  url          = \{/2015/Dir15},

Install Instructions:
This software package is provided with MATLAB and C-MEX versions of all 
motion estimation algorithms. We highly recommed to use the C-MEX version
for motion estimation tasks since the runtime decreases by factors up to 100. 
To compile the software, simply run the script "compileMexFiles.m"

There is an application example provided in testfile.m

Further copyright notes:
- The files "computeColor.m", "writeFlowFile.m" and the original version of "flowToColorV2.m" have been developed by Deqing Sun, Department of Computer Science, Brown University (
- The dataset in the "data" folder comes from the Middlebury optical flow database (