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**FlexBox** is copyright ©2016-2017 by Hendrik Dirks.
If you plan to distribute the software (commercially or not), please contact Hendrik Dirks for more information.
### Dependencies
## Dependencies
In order to use the MATLAB version of FlexBox the following requirements should be met:
* Matlab >= R2015b
* Image Processing Toolbox
In order to use the C++/CUDA version please refer to the repository:
## Usage
We recommend to look at the provided examples in the folder examples/.
## C++/CUDA Module
**FlexBox** comes with a C++ module which can be used stand-alone or together with MATLAB via MEX-interfaces. The C++ module can be found at and it is included in this repository as a submodule in the directory flexBox_CPP. For installation instructions please read the README in the linked repository.
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