Automatically tweet Git commit message + link to Github Project.
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Tweet git commit messages, with every push to remote repository.


  1. git
  2. NPM
  3. URL you wish to tweet, when the code is pushed.

Installation instructions:

1: git init

2: npm inst

3: When npm prompts you for the URL of your repo, you have so input it. If you do not, Gitter will not work.

4: mv gitter.js .git/hooks/pre-push Or, manually change the name of gitter.js to pre-push and copy it to .git/hooks/.

    A. It is also important to note that it should **not** have a file extension.

5: Change the apply the appropriate keys and tokens to pre-push.

6: chmod u+x .git/hooks/pre-push to make is executable.

7: npm install

If each step was followed correctly, every git push should now be accompanied by a tweet containing the most recent commit message and a URL.