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Bright Eyes / (ehem. freeDSA)
This is a fork of DOSBox 0.74 with customiziations for "Das schwarze Auge - Die Schicksalsklinge" (aka "Realms of Arkania - Blade of Destiny").
The projects goal is to make that game runnable on newer computers,
with focus on:
* logging (show how the game makes decisions),
* bugfixing (wipe out the last bugs to make the game ultra stable),
* power consumption (let your laptop (or n900) not waste that much power, like running an unpatched DOSBox)
This is done by tracing function calls.
If a function is interesting for the gamer we print a logging output.
If we already know the exact behavior of a function, we can replace it.
E.g. instead letting DOSBox emulate a known decompression function
we decompress it on our own host processor (incredible fast)
and skip the emulation.
* the original game (currently the german CD V3.02, other may follow)
(Bright Eyes will never run without the original.
Make sure you own a copy of it. DSA1 is no abandonware.)
* at least one newer computer with an operating system
like (Linux, BSD, MaxOS, Windows)
* a toolchain for building DOSBox (C++ compiler, SDL, SDL_Sound),
since atm no precompiled binaries are available.
Configuration Hints for dosbox.conf :
* The CPU emulation must be set to core=auto or core=normal, to bypass all
rewritten functions.
* DSA1/RAK1 has no working EMS support, so memsize=1 is fine.
Improvements and changes to the Original:
I could not resist to fix some Bugs in this early state.
M302de (Main V3.02 german CD - Version):
Game logic:
* broken item counters will be corrected
* the schedule for ships was broken
* reactivation of informants in taverns
* infinite loop in get_random_hero()
Story fixes:
* It's not possible to visit Umbrik after finish him
* You can identify an item more than once in the academy
* The informers Eliane and Asgrimm will not be reset
by tavern gossip
* If a character has permanent damage LE max is red
* Gramar at "Ecliptifactus"
G105de (Generation V1.05 german CD - Version):
* avoid negative skill-/spell_attempts in novice mode
git-tree: git://