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This patch adds support for USB iBuddy devices ( It was tested on Ubuntu 13.10.

To make use of the iBuddy device the following requirements have to be satisfied:

  • python-usb library needs to be installed
  • udev rules that allow non-root user to access the device are needed. (The example assumes the user as a member of group 'plugdev'):

SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1130", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0002", SYMLINK+="sub20", GROUP="plugdev", MODE="660"


Sorry for the late answer.
I will check this closer when next time doing some Nagstamon development. On a first sight I think this is a little bit too specific and seems to work only on some Linux machines so I am not really convinced that a merge would be useful for a broader userbase.


No problem.

This might be true. I could try to get it working on Windows and Mac as well.

The other idea would be to implement configurable actions for the different states, e.g. run external commands.


Yes, this is a planned feature. In your case a small executable could control your iBuddy as well I guess.


Please check latest commit 2020888 where settings have new Options in tab Notification. Let me know if it works this way for you.

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