Nerdpoints for the best nerdy yo mama joke. Bonus points for git references.
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I forked your mom last night, but then I had to rebase --hard. - @fritzy

Your momma's so fat that the probability that she's in an arbitrary point in a room is 1. - @scottferg

Your mama's so fat that all her shell commands run in verbose mode. - @HenrikJoreteg

Your momma's so fat she returns an http 413 error: Request entity too large! - @boringgeek

Your momma's so fat if she was a recursive function she would cause a stack overflow. - @scottferg

Your momma's so fat that if you take a pic of her your camera stores it as a bitmap - @grelement, @fritzy

Yo momma sleeps around so much, your family tree is recursive - @JoshHighland

Merging your momma's branches always causes merge conflicts - @HenrikJoreteg

Your mama's so lame if she was a scripting language she'd be VBA - @grelement

Your mama's so fat if she was a file system she'd be exFAT - @grelement

Your mama's so fat that if she was a queryset she'd have to be paginated - @HenrikJoreteg

Your mama's corpulent - @HenrikJoreteg

Your mama's got more chins than http has headers - @grelement

Your mom has so many contributors her fork queue paginates - @rtyler

Your mom's so nasty all the files in her repos have DOS line-endings - @rtyler