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Documentation site for Human JavaScript

This isn't what powers yet, but it will be soon.

Uses same doc parsing process as what builds docs. It's markdown with a bit more structured data for things like documenting events and method signatures.

How to build

Make edits to index.jade file.

You can include/parse/process modules by adding lines that look like this to the jade file:

@gendoc human-view ../human-view/
@gendoc human-model

The first is whatever label you want to give it for the module (used to generate the JSON doc file, etc).

The second is either a relative file path or a URL to a markdown file.

Then just do this:

npm run build
npm start
open index.html

Important Remember to check out human-view and human-model repositories and place them in the same directory as to be able to build.


Then you can just include readme files from projects into a doc site. That way the official docs are kept with their code, but can still be aggregated into a nice doc site.


You may want something in your github readme that isn't rendered into the site.

Running this build will remove anything between <!-- starthide --> and <!-- endhide --> comments in the included readmes. This is useful for being able to link to the HTML docs from the readme, etc.


<3 to @lancestout, @latent_flip and node docs for the sweet structured markdown format/parsiing.