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Ampersand + exclamation = "And Bang" Get it?!.png
And Bang aims to be the easiest way for teams to stay in sync without bogging each other down..png
Backbone gives you some basic structure you can use to build out single page applications. It works great for realtime apps..png
Stich is a super slim:easy way to use CommonJS modules in a browser..png
Sugar.js has an awesome date module for doing otherwise pesky:tedious:error-prone date math.png
Templatizer reads a folder of jade templates and builds a JS file with of functions that you call with your data.png
The And Bang documentation app is itself a realtime backbone app that lets you easily try out requests to the API..png
We want a card like this for each user. It shows their active task, presence, and how many shipped tasks (an awesome pink rocket for each).png
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