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Frontend Masters Workshop App

This repo is for the workshop on "Building Modern Single-Page Web Applications" workshop at Frontend Masters, June 2015.

note: the "master" branch contains the completed application. If you're just staring the video course you want to start with what's in the "start" branch. To do so, do this:

git clone
cd masters
git fetch origin
git checkout -b start origin/start
npm install
npm start

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Goals of the workshop

  1. Giving you tools, knowledge and confidence to build and deploy an application from scratch.
  2. Familiarizing you with basics of:
    • ES6+
    • Node.js/npm
    • Ampersand.js
    • React
    • Webpack
    • Isomorphic Rendering
    • Providing user logins using an OAuth API
    • Consuming an external JSON API
  3. Putting your app on the Internet

Rough Outline

9:00 Start

  • Short intro talk
  • Project setup
  • Discuss node, npm, hjs-webpack
  • Render basic "hello" content with React
  • Intro to React.js
  • show build step

** frameworks talk/discussion **

  • Adding styles
    • show
    • create styles folder in src
    • import
    • show what happens when you build now
    • show live reloading in action
  • Convert ES5 React module to ES6
    • compare them side-by-side

10:30 - 11:00 morning break

  • Install and use the router
    • public and 'repos' routes
    • start with console.log routes
    • React.render inside method
    • re-deploy
  • Introduce ampersand-app pattern
    • demo event signaling via app
  • Add layout.js
  • Local links/Internal Nav Component

12:30 - 1:45 Lunch Break

  • Authing with GitHub
    • Understanding Standard OAuth Flows
    • Keeping a "secret" in a static clientside app
    • Gatkeeper Microservice
  • Persisting token, modeling 'me'
  • Fetching "me" from github
  • Binding username

3:15 - 3:45 Afternoon Break

  • Rendering list of Repos
  • Adding Octicons

Day 2

9:00 Start

  • Repo Detail Page
  • Rendering The Labels
  • Creating a Label component
  • Editing Mode for Labels
  • Deleting Labels
  • Updating Labels
  • Creating New Labels

10:30 - 11:00 morning break

  • Configs and Deploys
  • Deploying with Surge
  • Adding A 404 Page

12:30 - 1:45 Lunch Break

  • Static Isomorphic Rendering
  • Using Standard for Code Style

3:15 - 3:45 Afternoon Break

  • wrap up discussion
  • open questions
  • open hacking (see suggestions below)

Taking it further

I'd encourage you to keep hacking on this and finish whatever features we didn't build.

In addition, you may want to try adding the following:

  • Add a link to real repo
  • Add validation to form
  • Add user avatar
  • Switch it over to login with firebase
  • Write module that fetches "all" repos (using github paging API)
  • Add color picker?

Further study


Honest feedback is golden. Please take a minute to say what you liked/what you didn't:

If you liked it maybe even tweet about it :) I'm @HenrikJoreteg on twitter.