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Ethanon Engine's Sublime plugin 4 LINUX

Through this modified sublime text plugin is possible to develop your Ethanon Engine's projects on Linux. (does not compile for Linux, only generates/updates game.bin).

  • What's my point ?
    • Being capable of develop for Ethanon supported platforms throught Linux. The game.bin bytecode generated by Ethanon is universal, working on Windows, Android, iOS, OSX. Just changing their nomenclature (example: android_game.bin, ios_game.bin). (

alt text



  • Open Sublime Text, go to Preferences -> Browse Packages
  • Copy the directory "/Ethanon/" to "sublime-dir/Packages/"

Setting up build option

  • Open the main.angelscript file from your project with Sublime Text
  • Go to Tools -> Build system and pick Ethanon
  • Use Ctrl + B to Build and F5 to Run