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NanoJ-Core - ImageJ Plugin

NanoJ-Core is an open-source ImageJ and Fiji plugin that provide the base high-performance computing engine that other NanoJ plugins need to run: NanoJ-SRRF, NanoJ-SQUIRREL, NanoJ-VirusMapper and NanoJ-Fluidics.

NanoJ-Core also provides image analysis methods for Drift Correction and Channel Alignment. Check out our bioRxiv preprint for a full description of the NanoJ features, and the User Manual for an in-depth guide on how to use them.

NanoJ Pre-Print

Install NanoJ-Core

NanoJ-Core is available as an ImageJ/Fiji (from here on ImageJ) plugin. The installation proceeds thought the ImageJ updater: open ImageJ and select “Update” in the “Help”-menu.

alt text
Regardless if other updates are available or not, press the “Manage update sites”-button on the Updater window (indicated in red).
alt text
Then, scroll down the list of update sites, click on the tick-box next to “NanoJ-Core" and click the “Close” button (in red).
alt text
Finally, click “Apply changes” (in red) in the Updater window, close and then restart ImageJ.
alt text
You can find NanoJ-Core under the “Plugins” menu.
alt text