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Pumpy 3D Printing LSaunders

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Leo Saunders 3D-Printed Design

From Leo: This version seems very stable for us and I don't expect to modify it further. Having said that, I'm happy to help others with modifications. We use the Lego gears and the motors -- Thus, the assembly is almost identical. The additional tools to this 3D printed version is a M6 cap screw to hold the actuators in place and M4 cap screws for the syringe. Since the holes were modeled, the screws should fit their corresponding printed parts. We used a Lulzbot mini and PLA Filament to print in high detail, with supports, and gradual fill. It may be necessary to bore out the holes for the Lego "gear sticks" and we used a philip head screw driver to do that.

Version 1.0

Main Body Actuator Clamp Syringe Clamp
LSaunders_Platform_1_0.stl LSaunders_ActuatorClamp_1_0.stl LSaunders_SyringeClamp_1_0.stl

Note: click on images to see real-time rendering in github.

How it Looks Like


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