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Henry Loenwind edited this page Nov 15, 2015 · 10 revisions

EnderIOAddons is a mod that adds a couple of machines to Ender IO. I started it to have a way to publish some of my machines that don't fit quite into the main mod. Here some things may not be quite as serious, balanced or in the theme.

At the moment EnderIOAddons is in early beta. That means it wasn't widely tested and that there are way more machines on my TODO list than are actually implemented. I also reserve the right to make changes that break your existing EnderIOAddons machines if you upgrade.

You can download the latest version on Curse.

The Drain, Cobbleworks, Impulse Hopper (v0.2), Niard (v0.3), Portal Tank (v0.4), Graphical Power Monitor (v0.5), Loot Recycler (v0.6), Magnetic Flag (v0.7), Magnetic Charger (v0.7), Decoration Blocks (v0.8) and AgriCraft Farming Station (v0.9) should work. Feel free to report bugs on them. Everything else is WIP (work in progress).

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