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This is the privacy policy for the mod "Ender IO Addons". It applies to using the mod on your computer. It does not apply to any website or service that is related to "Ender IO Addons".


When used to connect to a multiplayer Minecraft server, the instance of "Ender IO Addons" that is installed on the client and the one that is installed on the server will communicate with each other. They will sync game state, which includes information about what you do in the game. No personal information that does not belong to the game state is collected, stored or transmitted. The game state does, however, include data about you keyboard and mouse input while interacting with the game.


"Ender IO Addons" will not access or try to access any data on your computer that isn't part of the Minecraft installation you are running it in or is part of the game state (see above). It will not transmit any data over the network in any means but as part of the multiplayer client-server interaction (see above). It will not access the file system, display, or any input devices in any way that is not part of the game.

Update check

When used alongside the Version Checker mod, "Ender IO Addons" will provide "Version Checker" with a URL to check "Ender IO Addons'" version. While doing so, "Version Checker" will send the following data to a server that is operated by the "Ender IO Addons" author:

  1. IP address of the computer making the request
  2. Other HTTP protocol information
  3. Current version of "Ender IO Addons"
  4. Version of Java that is used to run the game

The information will be used and stored in the following ways by the server:

  1. The IP address will be used to send a reply. It is then discarded according to German privacy laws.
  2. HTTP protocol information be used to process and answer the request. It is then discarded.
  3. The "Ender IO Addons" version will be used to select which updates to offer. It is then stored in a logfile together with a locally obtained timestamp. This information is used by the mod author to determine which "Ender IO Addons" versions are actively used.
  4. The Java version is stored together with the "Ender IO Addons" versions. It is used by the mod author to determine which Java versions need to be supported.

No attempt will be made to associate the collected data to any specific user or class of users. No attempt to transmit or store more information than stated above will be made. However, changes in "Version Checker" may change what it sends at any time.

You can stop this data transfer by not using "Version Checker".

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