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🐋 Awesome TTRSS, a powerful Dockerised all-in-one RSS solution.
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🐋 Awesome TTRSS

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🐋 Awesome TTRSS aims to provide a powerful Dockerized all-in-one solution for Tiny Tiny RSS, an open source RSS feed reader and aggregator written in PHP, with enhanced user experience via simplified deployment and a list of curated plugins. You may sponsor Awesome TTRSS via its 💰OpenCollective page.

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🐋 Awesome TTRSS 旨在提供一个「容器化」的 Tiny Tiny RSS(一款基于 PHP 的免费开源 RSS 聚合阅读器)的一站式解决方案,通过提供简易的部署方式以及一些额外插件,以提升用户体验。您可以通过 Awesome TTRSS 的 💰OpenCollective 页面 进行赞助。

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