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A Tiny Tiny RSS plugin written for tt-rss as a replacement for the grandpa-old plugin af_readability, which doesn't work well for many RSS sites I subscribe to.

The plugin supports real time extraction:

And per feed auto-extraction:

It utilizes postlight/mercury-parser-api to extract the full content for feeds. An API endpoint is required to use this plugin.

To host such an API, please visit postlight/mercury-parser-api. For a dockerized self-host solution, please visit my repo HenryQW/mercury-parser-api.


Tested on BBC, The New York Times, The Verge, Cult of Mac, iDownloadBlog etc, in which af_readability can't handle the content properly.

Some feeds may not render properly, if Mercury can't handle it. Eg. BBC video-only feeds.


Clone the repo into your tt-rss plugins folder.


The configuration is identical to af_readability, except you have to save your API endpoint.

  1. Enable the plugin mercury_fulltext in Preferences/Plugins.
  2. Save your self-hosted Mercury Parser API Endpoint in the Mercury_fulltext settings under Feeds tab.
  3. Configure for feeds under Plugins tab of the Edit Feed window (you can right click your feed to get there).



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