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This is not official

This is just a practise app made with react native and it is also my first react native app. This app works for UWP and Android. IOS is partially supported but more styling will be needed.

What could it do

  • New release
  • New season
  • Movie & Popular anime
  • Schedule list
  • ToWatch list
  • Genre list
  • Search anime

There might be ads popping up when you play videos but please note that it is from the website itself. This app does not contain any ads. Therefore, I earn nothing and will become poorer the more app I make. Just kidding

How to run this project

npm install
react-native link
react-native run-android

Please note for UWP, all vector icons need to be linked manully. Follow the description here

How to install it on your device


Download from release

This app could be updated easily inside settings

Also, you could get it from Google Play no longer available on Google Play because it is removed by Google


Please link all libraries and change all stylings so that it fits IOS. It could run on your device for 7 days without developer account or forever with one

Windows 10

Download from microsoft store

UWP version is not frequently maintained, I will only update it when I feel like doing so (Sorry >_<)


Screenshots are from UWP with data saver mode on

Android has almost identical UI with more material feel or not



Maybe star this repo?