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nodejs automated robot for instagram using InstaPy
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Node Instagram Bot

this scrpit is to schedule InstyPy scripts


First, Download InstyPy and this repository

git clone
git clone

Open the porject folder and install dependencies

with npm:

npm install

with yarn:

yarn install

The Config File

module.exports = {
  instaPyPath: 'paht/to/your/InstaPy/copy',
  regExp: /\bclient-\w+\.py/,
  isLogging: true

write the path to your InstaPy's folder in instaPyPath.

regExp is to find the InstaPy's scrpits. for this example I used a regular expression that match with client-*.py where * is any word (for exampe:

Daemonize (keep it running)

To ensure that de bot is always runing use PM2

pm2 installation

With yarn:

yarn global add pm2

With npm:

npm install pm2 -g

start deamonized script

pm2 start index.js --name instagram-bot

PD: if you want to start pm2 daemon on system's restart, you have to run once pm2 startup


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