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Friendly documentation website for rails and related common used libraries
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Rails Setup

All Contributors

Visit Rails-Setup website

this is a Project to collect in one place and in a friendly way the documentation for rails and commonly used related libraries

Getting started

this site is built on top of docusaurus, see respective documentation to getting started with this project.


We appreciate any contribution you would like to do. To know what you can do the steps to do it, please follow the contribution guidelines.


  • Make sure that nobody else is already working on what you want to contribute (check Issues and PRs).
  • Raise an issue explaining what you want in the project and if you are going to take care of it.
  • fork the project and work on a different branch from master.
  • send a pull request


List of possible contributions that you can do to this project

  • add a list of the projects added to the rails-setup website and their last update date
  • fix the broken URLs in the links of the rails documentation files (they are just as I copied from the source documentation site)
  • add documentation for other common project used with rails (like devise, factory bot and others)

Code of conduct

Read it in detail here.


This project is under MIT license


Henry Tabima Giraldo
Henry Tabima Giraldo

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