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The Hurraki IOS App

What is the Hurraki App for?

With this app you can use the Easy-to-read dictionary on your mobile device. For example:

  • Take the plain language dictionary everywhere you want
  • save articles
  • read plain language articles without a internet connection

You can download the app at the App Store

Ok. But what is Hurraki for?

Hurraki is a dictionary in Plain Language. Many written and spoken words are complicated. Some people don`t understand difficult words and text. With Plain Language, everybody can understand. Plain Language should be available in many languages. Anyone with Web access can join Hurraki. Join Hurraki and help people to understand. Right now the Dictionary is available in three languages. (English, Spanish and German.) Also Hurraki is a great way to start to learn a new language.

For more information:


Thank you for wanting to contribute to making the Hurraki App awesome.

Add more functions

This is the first version of the Hurraki App. And its a great way to use Hurraki on your mobile device. The Hurraki dictionary runs with mediawiki. Mediawiki is constantly upadted. So should this app. You are welcome to upadate this app. For inspiration have a look at the wikipedia app.


  • Translation for this readme. Since Hurraki is available in Espanol and German as well, this readme should be translated in Espanol and German.
  • Translation for the App Store. There is still a description site in Spanish missing


You have a idea what the Hurraki App would make better. Or you found something you dont like about the Hurraki App. Post your idea in Issues.

Other ways to contribute

You are not a programmer but like the idea of Plain Language and Easy-to-read.

  • You are welcome to write Easy-to-read texts
  • in German
  • in English
  • in Spanisch
  • You like taking pictures. There is also a Wiki for Easy-to-read pictures at HDrei
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