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#! /bin/bash
make clean
make doc
#make hlint
ghc -O2 --make TestDemos.hs
#make hlint
@echo "Use \"make doc\" to make the FIPlib Documentation"
@echo "Use \"make hlint\" to analyse the code for quality"
benchmarking: Benchmarking.hs
ghc --make -O2 -rtsopts -ddump-simpl-stats Benchmarking.hs -funbox-strict-fields -optc-03
profile : Profile.hs FIPlib/Core.hs FIPlib/Filters.hs
ghc --make -O2 -rtsopts Profile.hs -prof -auto-all -caf-all -fforce-recomp -funbox-strict-fields -fvia-C -optc-03
make clean
ghc -O2 --make -ddump-simpl-stats TestDemos.hs > dump.txt
doc: FIPlib/Core.hs FIPlib/Filters.hs
haddock FIPlib/*.hs --ignore-all-exports -h -o FIPlib/doc
hlint: FIPlib/Core.hs FIPlib/Filters.hs
hlint -c --report FIPlib/
rm -f Profile
rm -f TestDemos
rm -f Benchmarking
rm -f *.o
rm -f *.hi
rm -f FIPlib/*.o
rm -f FIPlib/*.hi
rm -f report.html
rm -f dump.txt
rm -f *.hp
rm -f *.ps
rm -f *.prof
rm -f *.aux