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The Hephaestus Project


Hephaestus facilitates creation of 3d scenes from a depth camera that can be shared in our online community and interacted with on tablets.

Project Introduction

The Hephaestus team is Frank Ferro, Christopher Leslie, and Hal Canary.

Hephaestus will consist of three related applications:

  1. A content acquisition application that makes use of the Kinect and the Point Cloud Library to construct a digital representation of a scene (possibly in VTK format). That digital representation will be in the form of surfaces arranged in scenes. This application will handle converting point clouds to surfaces and merging point clouds to form a 360° view of the objects.

  2. A backend server that stores and manages the collection of scenes from users and organizations, possibly using MIDAS. The server will allow groups of users to share scenes with each other.

  3. A set of viewing apps for rendering scenes (possibly making use of VES). The primary goal is the iOS and Android apps, but we also want a WebGL app and the ability to directly download files.

See the Hephaestus Wiki for more information.


Create, View, and Share 3D Scenes Using a Depth Camera and a WebGL/iOS/Android application.




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