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Heptapolis’ Green Energy Solutions mission is to commercially apply and financially exploit newly established green innovative energy patents that will secure cheap energy for the user and will offer solutions to the world’s current environmental challenges.

These newly established patents are connected to the energy production without the use of fossil fuels, and to the production of high quality green energy products that offer enormous energy savings through their innovative design.

Also H.G.E.S. is developing and participating in various groundbreaking projects and patents like the Heptapolis Avatar E-Learning center, a project which aims to revolutionize the education system globally, through it’s anthropocentric and humanitarian nature.

The financing required for the setting up of our factory and the initial operating costs of is planned to be covered by the issue of our Cryptocurrency, the HHEC token (Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin)


  • We have a working product - we are not waiting for ICO to happen and then make the product
  • HHEC funds big projects based on our products with reoccurring profits
  • We are building an ecosystem of products and services based on our coin
  • We truly back up the coin to 50% of its value with money and assets
  • We buy the coin back at any point at the backup value thus creating a uniquely positive ratio between risk and reward
  • We already have a payment solution in place with Mastercard and 2 AAA banks, BNP Paribas and Barclays
  • We already closed the deal for a huge factory
  • Whatever coin is not backed up is not sold before doing so
  • We cannot and we will not dilute the market price of our coin with the coin we hold in our possession. Even us we have to back them up before selling them



Through the Heptapolis ICO the investor will be able to participate for the first time, in a humanitarian, energy coin. HHEC (Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin) ICO phases will give the chance to develop the following projects:

  • Buy a 10,000,000 euro factory ready for use and manufacture our green energy products
  • Heptapolis E-Learning center (Avatar)
  • Produce and Install Autonomous Lighting System
  • Produce and distribute Autonomous Climate Systems SuperEco
  • Produce and install 10kwh Green Energy Generators (in comparison to a similar investment in a Solar Park this will produce up to 12 times more energy)

  • HHEC holds one of the greatest opportunities in blockchain technology
  • At the assets generated by the ICO will back up the HHEC value
  • 20% of the income generated from each ICO supported project and all future reoccurring profits will also back up the HHEC value.
  • 20% of the amount paid of each student’s tuition fees at Heptapolis E-Learning center.

The collected money attributed to the initial back up price received from the Pre-Sale Period and the ICO phases will be deposited in Heptapolis COIN Bank Account. This money will only be invested ONLY in projects stated in our whitepaper and everything will be on the blockchain. The 20% of the generated income received from projects funded by the Coin sources (Coin Bank Account) will be credited on that account. The total number of coins will have a back up value equal to the amount stated at the bank account plus the Fair value of the Factory plus the 20% of the income generated from the production of energy divided by the total number of the coins.

The 20% of the tuition and fees will be deposited in the Coin’s Bank account and will back up the coins that Olympos holds. As soon as Olympos cover its Coins, the 20% of the tuition and fees will back up the value of the total number of Coins that are available in the market. Each holder of HHEC will have the right to cash out through Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions directly at the back up price WITH A NOTICE PERIOD OF 3 MONTHS. The Coin’s holders should keep in mind that the back up price will be different from the market price. Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions will follow the same procedure for its stake in Coins. None of the Coins will become available in the market BEFORE IT’S BEEN BACKED UP. THE BACK UP PRICE THAT WILL BE USED IS THE BACK UP PRICE OF THAT SPECIFIC DAY.

HHEC Token: Pre-Sale Price € 0.10. Back up price: 50% of € 0.10=€ 0.05

Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions follows professional standards in its core of business and as soon as the operational structure is completed, the company will apply for the ISO 9001. The major goal of HGES is to provide a secure environment to its customers and investors.


Greenhouse gases are contributing to global warming because they trap more of the Sun's energy in the Earth's atmosphere. This smoke is a greenhouse gas. Our dependence on burning fossil fuels, , and releasing the carbon stored in them, means we've been responsible for adding a lot more carbon dioxide to the air. Fossil Fuels (coal, oil. natural gas) cause substantially more harm than any other forms of renewable energy sources.

Also there are the hidden costs of fossil fuels. We’ve all paid a utility bill or purchased gasoline. Those represent the direct costs of fossil fuels; money paid out of pocket for energy from coal, natural gas, and oil.

But those expenses don’t reflect the total cost of fossil fuels to each of us individually or to society as a whole. Known as externalities, the hidden costs of fossil fuels aren’t represented in their market price, despite serious impacts to our health and environment. Externalities are sometimes easy to see, such as pollution and land degradation, and sometimes less obvious, such as the costs of asthma and cancer, or the impacts of sea level rise. Many consequences are far removed from our daily lives and may only affect a minority or marginalized subset of the population.

Understanding these impacts is critical for evaluating the true cost of fossil fuels — and for informing our choices around the future of energy production.

It’s in our hands to make the right choices and lead the World in a greener and cleaner future for our children and for generations to come!


Having a thorough knowledge and a cumulative experience of the latest trends in the cryptocurrency will give us a unique competitiveness in the market. The establishment of the Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin (HHEC) will trigger the launch of a huge movement aiming to revolutionize the global green energy production along with enhancing the world’s educational system. Moreover, the creation of an ecosystem which is based on a cryptocurrency, an Avatar E-Learning, an e-shop with thousands of products and a payment solution system will emerge one of the greatest opportunities in the blockchain technology that nobody wants to miss!Our objectives will be mainly three:


Intended products to be initially produced (out of 26 inventions we have in our possession until now) using the new registered patents that utilise green energy sources, are:




The product is an outdoor lighting system with it’s own incorporated power generator which makes each lighting system 100% autonomous from the electricity grid. This system can be installed as street lamps or at big outdoor spaces like parking places, hotels, airports etc. The system is also monitored through the internet and therefore reduces drastically the physical maintenance fees. When a municipality installs this system on to it’s streets it automatically becomes a green municipality with huge benefits.

  • Patented product
  • Low-cost assembly
  • Lightweight - low-cost transport
  • Unnecessary heavy assembly equipment
  • Low - cost pole embedding methods
  • Protection class II - no costs of hoop iron
  • The pole does not corrode, nor change colour
  • No periodic testing for pole insulation
  • High passive safety; low energy absorption
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical damage
  • UV resistance

More details at

The company currently is under negotiations with a number of municipalities in different countries for the installation of 100.000 units to start with and then move forward to bigger projects.

The company’s capacity for the installation of the units will range from 5.000 to 10.000 per month (depending on the level of the initial funds to be raised). This number is based on the current manufacturing capacity of our factory, which can upgraded very easily. We can have 3 shifts per day, the factory can be easily upgraded to a fully robotic one and it can be extended from 10,000sq.m. to 35,000sq.m.

Maintenance fee is charged by the company at €50 per unit per year (the contracts are for 12 years). Monitoring of each system through internal network. System problems are immediately spotted.

Estimated margins from these projects would be at least 100% on cost. Hence from on agreement of 10,000 units, the company’s profit will be €3,500,000, plus maintenance income of €500,000.

The plan is to produce 100,000 such systems to start with. We are already in talks with municipalities and companies in Greece and Cyprus. Greece alone has 57,000,000 lamps.

The vision is to produce this lamp system for as many countries around the World as possible and help reducing greenhouse emissions due to street lighting. Our vision is also to help remote communities, villages and poor areas or even countries have safer streets and public places which are fully lid.



The product is a climate system consisting of 5 units and power distributor which is capable to make a house of up to 120 sq.m. colder or warmer. The system is 95% autonomous, meaning that the power distributor is plugged onto the grid for the initial start up and then it creates all the energy needed within. Therefore it’s much cheaper to produce. It comes in 3 version: cold only, warm only, cold and warm. Added units can be acquired to increase the space coverage of the system.

  • The only true ecological climate system
  • 90-95% energy saving
  • Without compressor
  • For cold and hot air
  • Completely silent
  • Easy installation, replacing the central heating units or through a new installation
  • With modern, groundbreaking, vertical design (only 6 cm depth!)
  • With amazing quality and finish
  • With 3 years warranty
  • Repayment from saving energy

More details at

The plan for the climate system is to reach the target of a pre-ordering volume for 20,000 units and the estimated delivery time will be within 2 months from the completion of pre-orders. Estimates revenues from the above would in the range of € 8 to € 10 million. And that’s only for the initial project. Following ones will be even bigger with even bigger revenues.

The vision is to create a new standard of climate system which will force inevitably other manufacturers to follow us. We aim at nothing less than be the benchmark for innovative indoor climate systems and lead in the same way as other companies changed their industries like Tesla did to car manufacturers or the Netflix did to Blockbusters, or mp3 did to dvd’s etc.



During 2018 we are preparing to launch a truly amazing product, our Patented Energy Generator! Using simple and efficient energy forces we have managed to produce energy without the need to use any other fossil fuel!

The product is an energy generator like the ones we have in our autonomous lighting system or our autonomous climate system with the only difference the size. Even though many systems have been patented our the World ours emphasizes on 3 key areas:

  1. Maintaining magnetic fields to the minimum which is not harmful for humans
  2. Be scalable and therefore able to extract variable outputs according to size and and also implement it in various products
  3. Be financially viable for mass production (which is the main problem of so many ideas around this subject)

So our initial version of our power generator can produce 10 kW per hour while maintaining very reasonable dimensions (a cylindrical shape of 90 cm in height and 130 cm in diameter) and therefore can easily be installed on the roof or in a basement. The autonomous generator can produce 12 times the energy of an equivalent value solar park and can also be scaled for bigger energy production parks.

More details at

The plan is to install the Autonomous Power Generators free of charge at existing clients’ premises (currently a list of 4,000 members is available, with an estimated 2,000 installations expected to be completed in the first six months of starting the project). In exchange we will give 500 kWh per month for free to the property owner and any additional energy required will be given at a substantial discounted rate. As currently the price per kWh is €0.15, the estimated revenues per month for 2,000 installations, would be around €2,010,000 per month! The revenues will be able to fund the production of even more power generators and green energy projects based on our products

The vision is become a major energy producer company using our unique product. We are also looking at humanitarian projects to produce energy and help poor areas, disaster areas, schools or hospitals and or even third world countries have electricity.


Heptapolis is a project which consists of a physical part (the international green city) and a virtual part (the E-Learning center). The main purpose of HEPTAPOLIS is defined as the fulfillment of the need for the major academic, scientific and technological forces of humanity to unite under a “common roof” so that they may cooperate and collaborate with collegiality, in a spirit of sincere communication and mutual trust, for the resolution of the critical problems of the planet and its people and to improve, to the best of their abilities, the experiential and cultural level of society, in all regions of the world.

The Project is the Avatar E-Learning center. As a pioneering entity Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions is sponsoring the creation of the Avatar E-Learning center, a pioneering, virtual reality project in itself that’s both anthropocentric and humanitarian. Anthropocentric in the sense that it will focus on 1on1 personal development of the students and not only on their subject of study. Humanitarian because each course (we will have bachelors, masters and Phd) will only cost around €1500 for the entire course. At the moment there are 96 courses being under development and the first ones will be launched during the summer of 2018.It will be an international center of letters, arts & sciences that communicates with the teachers and students of the E-Learning center through the Worldthinkbank created for an exclusive purpose for the use of knowledge and transmission to every student and every scientist who wishes and fights for a better world collaborations: with selected international forum and conferences, with academy and E-Learning center, with scientific research and experimental centers, with philosophical schools, with modern distributors, poets – thinkers – artists that their vision is a better world!

The Plan is to develop and expand the Heptapolis Avatar E-Learning center which has adopted our coin as the official mean of payment for students tuition and fees which in return will increase the demand for the coin!

The Vision is to offer an alternative system of education that will create better citizens, better people for this World. People who are not good at their profession but more complete personalities as well. With over 6,500,000 long distance students every year we believe the differentiation of our courses will help us achieve an edge against traditional courses.



Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions is a whitelabel, authorized company with our own e-wallet with IBAN number called hepta e-wallet! Our system is a hybrid technology that integrates financial payments with network wallet structure. The company offers a variety of other products and services outside the token/coin and the e-payment solution is one of them. If buyers of our currency are interested, they can have their own e-wallet with IBAN number and their own Mastercard. Of course this account has nothing to do with cryptocurrency exchange but the company can exchange the cryptocurrency internally and make money transfers to each account accordingly.

More details at