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Manual Installation

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The following steps should all be already completed with the release, but if you want to build it yourself manually, these are the steps I've taken to build the releases for Portable Game Station.

Install configs

First download all of the configs from the github repo:

Unzip and extract the contents into the base of your USB stick or external harddrive

Install EmulationStation

Download the Portable Build here:

Extract the contents into the base of your USB stick

Install EmulationStation Themes

If you don't use git tools and only use the web interface it won't download the theme submodules so you need to download and install your EmulationStation themes separately. Most themes can be found here:

Install RetroArch

Download the latest stable version from here:

Extract the contents into


Download RetroArch Cores

RetroArch is only the framework for emulation, the cores are actually the emulators themselves so you need to download those from the online updater within retroarch.exe

Add ROMs and play!

All that's left is to add your roms to their respective folders and play!

You'll also need to manually install any standalone emulators (basically all those desired in .emulationstation\systems\). I don't ship with those in the releases as they would make the images unnecessarily large.

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