Flux Control Panel (FluxCP) for Hercules
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Flux Control Panel (FluxCP) for Hercules server.


  • PHP 5.2
  • PDO and PDO-MYSQL extensions for PHP5 (including PHP_MYSQL support)
  • MySQL 5
  • Optional: GD2 (for guild emblems and registration CAPTCHA)
  • Optional: Tidy (for cleaner HTML output)
  • Optional: mod_rewrite support for UseCleanUrls feature


The following people have contributed to the development of FluxCP through the years.

Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Boooo
  • Byteflux86
  • Gepard
  • hemagx
  • jaBote
  • Mumbles
  • Mysterious
  • Paradox924X
  • shugotenshi
  • Streusel
  • Xantara