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The original/base FluxCP already comes with a lot of features. Here I will only highlight those that came after the fork. For a full list, click here (TBD).

  • Updated Ragnarok Data
  • Full Birthdate Functionality
  • Working GM Group System
  • Mob Skills SQLized
  • Zeny Log Page
  • Specific Item Drop Rates
  • Toggle for Pre-Renewal or Renewal SQL Data
  • Alchemist Ranking
  • Blacksmith Ranking
  • Paginated Item Shop
  • Monster and Job Class Images


  • Apache webserver with PHP 5.2 or greater
  • PDO extension with MySQL support (http://www.php.net/pdo)
  • PHP GD2 for security images
  • (Optional) Enabled Zip extension for exporting guild emblems
  • (Optional) Apache/mod_rewrite for using the "Clean URLs" feature

Extra Downloads

Extract to the root folder of your FluxCP system

Job Image Files: http://herculesws.github.io/FluxCP/downloads/FluxCP_Jobs_Images_2012-04-28.zip

  • Updated details: April 28, 2013
  • Credits: Xantara

Monster Image Files: http://herculesws.github.io/FluxCP/downloads/FluxCP_Monsters_Eclage_14.2.zip

  • Updated details: Mob ID #2380 of Eclage (Episode 14.2)
  • Credits: Brynner

Item Icon Files: http://herculesws.github.io/FluxCP/downloads/FluxCP_Item_Icons_2012-04-08.zip

  • Updated details: April 8, 2013
  • Credits: Latheesan's Extractor

Item Image Files: http://herculesws.github.io/FluxCP/downloads/FluxCP_Item_Images_2012-04-08.zip

  • Updated details: April 8, 2013
  • Credits: Latheesan's Extractor