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Release v2018.12.16

Signed-off-by: Haru <>
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MishimaHaruna committed Dec 17, 2018
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## [v2018.12.16] `December 16 2018`

### Added
- Added/updated packets, encryption keys and message tables for clients up to 2018-12-12. (#2324)
- Added support for the `AC_LOGIN_OTP` packets. (part of #2324)
- Added script command `enchantitem()` and related packet `ZC_ENCHANT_EQUIPMENT`. (part of #2324)
- Added script command `servicemessage()` and related packet `ZC_SERVICE_MESSAGE_COLOR`. (part of #2324)
- Split packets struct definitions out from lclif into separate files for AC and CA packets. (part of #2324)
- Added struct definitions header for HC packets. (part of #2324)
- Added support for expandable inventory size, including database persistence, inventory expansion packets, the script commands `expandInventoryAck()`, `expandInventoryResult()`, `expandInventory()`, `getInventorySize()`, the item `Inventory_Extension_Coupon` and the script `npc/other/inventory_expansion.txt`. (part of #2324)
- Added support for the client commands `/viewpointvalue` and `/setcamera` (like `@camerainfo`). The atcommand aliases `@setcamera` and `@viewpointvalue` are also provided. (part of #2324)
- Added `needed_status_point()` script function and the global function `F_CashReduceStat()`, for permanent status point reduction. (#2246)
- Added an option to include script interaction into the idle criteria, disabled by default. See `idletime_criteria` in `conf/map/battle/player.conf` and `BCIDLE_SCRIPT`. (#2244)

### Changed

- Extended support for 32 bit item IDs to the Zero and Main clients that support them. (part of #2324)
- Renamed packet identifier macros from `PACKET_ID_*` to `HEADER_*`. (part of #2324)
- Renamed packet struct definitions from `packet_*` to `PACKET_*`. (part of #2324)
- Increased `MAX_PACKET_LOGIN_DB` to `0x0AD0` to match the existing packets. (part of #2324)
- Added buffer size validation for `char_mmo_char_tobuf`. (part of #2324)
- Updated `npc/woe-se` files to modern standards, including `mes()` and `mesf()`. (#2261)
- Changed HPMDataCheck to exclude packetver-specific packet structs that would cause compile-time errors. (794ce3c89497a17bd64eacbc82bce22f07f00acb)

### Fixed

- Fixed `getunits()` returning the wrong value if no area size is passed. (41d370cd3308be48b4ce00a50ee46515742978b0, issue #2330)
- Fixed support for old (2010 and older) clients in packet `ZC_PROPERTY_HOMUN`. (part of #2324)
- Fixed Gaia Sword not granting any bonus drops. This reworks the way `s_add_drop` differentiates between items and groups and the parameters passed to `pc_bonus_item_drop()`. Custom code may need to be updated to match. (#2327)
- Fixed a 'Gungslinger' typo in `item_db2`. (#2335)
- Fixed delay-consumed items missing consumption after using Abracadabra/Improvised Song (#2298, issue #1169)

### Deprecated

### Removed

- Removed unnecessary typedef from `clr_type`. The type is now only available as `enum clr_type`. (part of #2324)

## [v2018.11.18+1] `November 18 2018` `PATCH 1`

### Fixed
@@ -523,6 +561,8 @@ If you are reading this in a text editor, simply ignore this section
- New versioning scheme and project changelogs/release notes (#1853)


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