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Release v2018.07.01

Signed-off-by: Haru <>
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## [v2018.07.01] `Jul 1 2018`
### Added
- Added/updated packets and message tables for clients from 2018-05-30 to 2018-06-12. (#2064)
- Added/updated a pair of enums (`cz_ui_types`, `zc_ui_types`) for the values used by packets 0xa68 and 0x0ae2, fixed compatibility with older clients. (part of #2064)
- Added the possibility for a plugin to abort the skill currently being cast by returning true from `skill_check_condition_castend_unknown()`. (#2076)
- Implemented Pet Evolution. This adds a new `Evolve` field to the Pet DB, and a generator script is provided, to automatically create entries from the pet evolution lua. (#2063)
- Implemented Pet Autofeeding. This adds a new `AutoFeed` field to the Pet DB, and can be completely disabled through the `enabe_pet_autofeed` flag in `feature.conf`. (#2063)
- Added the script command `setparam()`, the setter counterpart of `readparam()`, accepting an optional account id argument. (#2081)
- Updated maps database/mapcache with new maps (part of #2098)
- Added/updated packets and message tables for clients from 2018-06-20 to 2018-06-27. (#2095)
- Added new map/mapserver-change packets for the airship system. (part of #2095)
- Added new (unused) 'dns host' field in `char_send_map_info()`, compatible with clients newer than 2017-03-29. (part of #2095)
- Added an option to hide names in the script commands `unittalk()` and `npctalk()` (#1831, formerly #1571, issue #1523)
### Changed
- Updated README with more info about the development dependencies. (b57232ac29)
- Updated `instance_create()` when trying to create an already existing instance, to match the official behavior. (#1924, issue #1651)
- Removed the `RTLD_DEEPBIND` flag from the plugin-loading functions, for compatibility with asan in gcc-8. (#2079)
- Standardized the function call syntax in the script command documentation. (#2084)
- Changed the way pet eggs are handles in the inventory (they don't get deleted when hatched), for compatibility with the pet evolution system. (part of #2063)
- Extended the script command `readparam()` with the ability to receive an account id as optional argument, as an alternative to the character name. (#part of 2081)
- Updated the Private Airship map list to match the main kRO servers, and enabled the functionality on the main packetvers. (#2098)
- Updated pin code status packets for the 2018 clients. (part of #2095)
- Updated the authentication error packets in the map server to use the most recent version for the current packetver. (part of #2095)
- Updated the roulette packets for the 2018 clients. (part of #2095)
- Updated GitLab-CI builds to include more recent compilers and platforms: clang-5.0, clang-6.0, clang-7, gcc-7, gcc-8 ubuntu 18.04, MariaDB 10.1 are now tested. (part of #2111)
- Updated GitLab-CI builds to include builds with a recent Zero packetver, to ensure that recent code is compiled/tested. (part of #2111)
- Split the function `clif_disp_overhead` into two and converted its packet handling into the struct format. (part of #1831)
- Cleaned up the mapif-related code, splitting `mapif` packet processing from `inter` logic and moving the `mapif` functions to `mapif.c`. (#2108)
- Changed all the functions (where possible) to have static linking, in order to prevent incorrect symbols to be used by plugins, as a safer alternative to `RTLD_DEEPBIND`. Plugin authors are still advised to avoid naming their local symbols with the same name as non-static symbols exported by the code. (#2112)
- Prevented compilation of the non-memmgr memory management function wrappers when the memory manager is enabled. (part of #2112)
### Fixed
- Fixed a crash when entries from the `job_db` are removed. (#2071, issue #2070)
- Fixed `getunits()` to always return a value, even in case of error. (d2c0e453fc)
- Fixed an incorrect response message in the stylist shop. (#2066, issue #2065)
- Fixed an issue in the `clif_parse_OpenVending()` processing when the item list is empty. (#2072)
- Fixed various typos in code documentation/comments. (#2069)
- Fixed a field size in the character creation packet. (part of #2064)
- Added some missing fields in the `AC_ACCEPT_LOGIN` packet structure. (part of #2064)
- Fixed compilation with packetvers older than 20090805. (part of #2064)
- Fixed the `rodex_sendmail_acc()` command to correctly use the `account_id` field as stated in the documentation. (#2075, issue #2024)
- Fixed the shutdown callback calls, that weren't getting called any longer since core.c was interfaced. (#2106)
- Fixed a parsing error when the pre-increment/pre-decrement operator is used in a conditional's body without braces. (#2077, issues #705, #912, #1553, #1710)
- Fixed `SC_NOEQUIPWEAPON`/`RG_STRIPWEAPON` (Renewal only) and `SC_INCATKRATE`/`NPC_POWERUP` whose ATK increment/reduction were ineffective on monsters. (#2097)
- Fixed an error when a player's PIN code is set for the first time. (#2100, issue #2046)
- Fixed the searchstore packet for compatibility with item options. (part of #2095)
- Fixed GitLab-CI build failures caused by MySQL client versions incompatible with the updated docker images. (#2111)
- Fixed the novending map/cell flag that would cause players to get stuck. (#2091, issue #662)
- Fixed the documentation for the `queueopt()` script command. (#2086)
- Fixed documentation comments related to the `exp_group_db` (#2114, #2115)
- Fixed an issue in the travis builds when the console error output is too long. (part of #2112)
## [v2018.06.03] `Jun 3 2018`
### Added
- Added/updated packets support for clients from 2018-05-09 to 2018-05-23. (#2043)
@@ -25,7 +78,7 @@ If you are reading this in a text editor, simply ignore this section
### Fixed
- Fixed an issue in the mob skill db parser that limited the mob skills to a maximum of 5 (#2042, issue #2044)
- Fixed some incorrect msgstringtable IDs. (part of #2038)
- Fixed inheritance in the mob DB, no longer iverwriting the Range field with a default value. (#2055)
- Fixed inheritance in the mob DB, no longer overwriting the Range field with a default value. (#2055)
- Fixed the skill element getter for levels above `MAX_SKILL_LEVEL`. (#2059)
- Fixed interaction between the `pvp_nocalcrank` mapflag and the script/atcommands to toggle PvP. (#2057, issue #2056)
@@ -272,6 +325,7 @@ If you are reading this in a text editor, simply ignore this section
- New versioning scheme and project changelogs/release notes (#1853)

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