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Clarified bits on silent mode and stopping the profiler.

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1 parent d55e400 commit 9da963b756ad0342797e78182c95db2a990c43e4 Branko Vukelic committed Aug 2, 2011
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@@ -67,12 +67,15 @@ You can start the profiler using the module's ``start()`` method:
var profilejs = require('profilejs');
-Start method takes a single boolean argument, which tells the profiler whether
-to log to standard output.
+Start method takes a single boolean argument, which enables (``start(true)``)
+or disables (``start(false)``) the _silent mode_ which suppresses console
To stop profiling requests, use the ``stop()`` method. The stop method doesn't
-actually stop Profilejs, but rather replaces the v8-profiler with a dummy
-profiler which doesn't do anything.
+actually stop the profiler, but disables it's profiling functionality. In case
+of profiler middleware, there is still a small overhead introduced by the part
+of code that checks if the profiler should run. If you care about this, you
+should probably remove the middleware completely.
Adding the profiler middleware

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