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HERE Mobility SDK - React Native Sample App


HERE Mobility offers a mobility platform solution to transportation service providers, businesses, and consumers. The platform consists of the HERE Mobility Marketplace and SDK packages.

The HERE Mobility Marketplace is a "broker" between transportation suppliers and consumers, which matches up ride requests with ride offers. The HERE Mobility SDK enables developers to create apps with a variety of mobility features, while connecting to the HERE Mobility Marketplace.

The Here Mobility sample app (described below) presents a simple workflow for adding a variety of mobility services to your app.

Getting Started

Getting Access Credentials

To use the HERE Mobility SDK, you'll need App ID key and App secret key values. To request these credentials, contact us at

Note: Please make sure to email us both a bundle ID and a package name, for your iOS and Android apps respectively.

Cloning the Sample App Git Repository

In a Bash command window, clone the React Sample App Git repository as follows:

# Clone this repository
$ git clone 

Running the React Sample App

Set your App ID key and App secret key for React native app

# set the keys at /Here-Mobility-SDK-React-Native-SampleApp/app/js/screens/UserRegistration.js 

Building React Dependencies

To build the React dependencies, first run the following command, and then run the appropriate commands for your OS (see below).

$ npm install


# Build iOS dependencies
$ yarn build:ios
# set your App ID key at /Here-Mobility-SDK-React-Native-SampleApp/ios/sampleappreactnative/Info.plist  
# run iOS
$ yarn run ios


# set your App ID key at Here-Mobility-SDK-React-Native-SampleApp/android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml
# run android
$ yarn run android

The Sample App

Here is an overview of the workflow for booking a ride and monitoring its progress, using the HERE Mobility SDK. Click on a step name to go to its corresponding code example.

Get ride offers
Present ride offers according to type
Book a ride
Register for ride updates
Receive ride updates
Present public transport leg details

Get Ride Offers

You can request ride offers based on parameters such as pickup time and location, number of passengers, etc. See the RideOffersRequest documentation to learn more.

        constraints: {
          passengerCount: bookingConstraints.passengerCount,
          passengerSuitcase: bookingConstraints.passengerSuitcase
        rideWaypoints: {
          pickup: {
            location: {
              lat: Number(,
              lng: Number(pickupPoint.lon)
          destination: {
            location: {
              lat: Number(,
              lng: Number(destinationPoint.lon)
        passengerNote: passengerDetails.passengerNote,
        prebookPickupTime: bookingConstraints.leaveTime,
        sortType: "BY_ETA" // Default value. Sort offers by ETA to the pickup point or BY_PRICE sort offers by price.
      (offers, err) => {
        if (err) {
          // handle error
        } else {
  			// handle offers

Present Ride Offers by Type

Ride offers can have 1 of 2 types: Taxi and Public Transportation. See the following documentation to learn more:

class OfferCell extends Component {
  render() {
    const { offer } = this.props;
    return (
      {offer.type === "TAXI" ? (
        <TaxiOfferCell taxiOffer={offer} />
      ) : (
        <PublicTransportCell publicTransportOffer={offer} />

Book a Ride

You can book one of the ride offers that you received in response to getRideOffers. To do this, call createRide while passing the passenger's details (see PassengerDetails documentation to learn more).

type Props = {
  passengerDetails: {
    name: string,
    phoneNumber: string,
    passengerNote: string
  passengerDetailsChanged: passengerDetails => void
const createRide = (offer, passengerDetails) => {
    (ride, error) => {
      if (error) {
			// handle error
      } else {
			// handle booked ride      }

Register for Ride Updates

You can register for updates about a ride's status and location. See registerForRidesUpdates Documentation to learn more.

	(ride, rideStatusLog) => { // handle ride updates },
	(ride, rideLocation) => { // handle ride location updates },
	error => {}

Present Public Transport Leg Details

A public transport ride is composed of one or more sections or "legs". Each leg may be provided by a different type of public transport. You can retrieve and display all the ride's legs. See PublicTransportRouteLeg documentation to learn more.

getRow(leg) {
    const {
    } = leg;

    return (
      <View style={SharedStyles.publicTransportCell}>
        <Text>Transport mode: {transportMode}</Text>
        {length ? <Length length={length} /> : null}
        {estimatedDurationMs ? (
          <Duration estimatedDurationMs={estimatedDurationMs} />
        ) : null}
        {lineName ? <LineName lineName={lineName} /> : null}
        {operatorName ? <OperatorName operatorName={operatorName} /> : null}


To get help with the HERE Mobility SDK, contact our support team at