A madlibs api for random madlibs templates
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Madlibz API

A madlibs api for random madlibs templates

Get a Random Madlib Template

The base url to get a random madlib template, is as follows:


The url query options are as follows:

Query Type Description
minlength Number The min number of user inputs in template
maxlength Number The max number of user inputs in template

Get a Random Verb

Here is an example call:


Example output:

        "foreign country",
        "verb ending in 'ing'",
        "verb ending in 'ing'",
        "a place",
        "type of liquid",
        "part of the body",

        "If you are traveling in ",
        " and find yourself having to cross a piranha-filled river, here's how to do it ",
        ": \n* Piranhas are more ",
        " during the day, so cross the river at night.\n* Avoid areas with netted ",
        " traps--piranhas may be ",
        " there looking to ",
        " them!\n* When ",
        " the river, swim ",
        ". You don't want to wake them up and make them ",
        "!\n* Whatever you do, if you have an open wound, try to find another way to get back to the ",
        ". Piranhas are attracted to fresh ",
        " and will most likely take a bite out of your ",
        " if you ",
        " in the water!",
​        0
    "title": "How To Cross a Piranha-Infested River"