Molajo is a web development environment for crafting custom solutions from simple to complex custom web data architecture, presentation output, and access control.
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Molajo is pre-alpha, not ready for use

What is Molajo?

Molajo is a web application development environment for crafting custom solutions from simple to complex custom data architecture, presentation output, and access control.

Molajo's primary user focus is frontend developers and designers with a goal of making it easier to plug in professionally designed layouts and customize data collection processes without writing code.

There are many ways to learn more about Molajo, you can:

How do I install Molajo?

System requirements and instructions for how to install Molajo are located in the installation folder.

Where can I learn more about Molajo Extensions and Templating?

There is more information about about extensions, Components, Languages, Views, Modules, Plugins, and Themes.

What if I encounter problems?

  1. It's best if you fork Molajo, fix the problem, and then issue a pull request.

  2. If you are unable to fix the problem, it is still helpful to report the problem using an issue report.

  3. Spend time with the files as these contain information to help you learn how to use Molajo successfully.

How can I translate Molajo into my language?

Molajo translations are skillfully provided by Open Translators. Please consider getting involved with this group and helping make great software available in your language.

Is Molajo capable of multi-lingual content?

How can I add an application, like an intranet, to a Molajo site?

Learn about Molajo applications

Can I use Molajo for multi-site?

Learn about Molajo multi-site

Where can I share my ideas about new features I would like to see available in Molajo?

Share your ideas and comments about how to improve the software on Molajo User Voice.

Contributor Workflow

Please see the Contributor Workflow for more information on contributing code to the Molajo project.