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An instant sharing tool
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KSUploader is a instant sharing tool. Inspired by Puush and ScreenCloud, with this tool you can share instantly:

  • a partial screen
  • a complete desktop screen
  • a file (that will be zipped)
  • an entire file set (that will be zipped)
  • the clipboard obtaining immediately the direct sharing URL.

You can host all files in your server (via dedicated socket server application) or web hosting space (via FTP).

Since this project is open source and java written, feel free to fork, give suggestions or make pull requests.

How to install

Actually simply run the binary file where you want, and it will save the configurations in the correct place.

How to configure

Open KSUploader.jar, right-click on icon in the system tray, settings, and setup your client.


Open and edit the file saved in Appdata\Roaming\.ksuploader on Windows, in your user home in the folder .ksuploader on Linux or in ~/Library/Application Support/.ksuploader on OS X, then launch the client again. It contains:

  • server_address: the address where there is the server, you can use a domain ( or an ip.
  • password: the password of the server that will be used during the authentication check.
  • port: the port where there is the running server.
  • ftp_enabled: set this "true" or "false" to enable o disable the FTP feature, if on "true" the socket config will be ignored.
  • ftp_address: the address for the FTP connection (es.
  • ftp_user: the FTP user.
  • ftp_password: the FTP password.
  • ftp_port: the port where the FTP is listening (21 as default).
  • ftp_directory: the relative directory how to upload all files, use a dot (.) to say "this directory". To use a subfolder follow this example: "subFolder/anotherFolder".
  • ftp_weburl: the url that will be returned, write a / at the end of the it.
  • save_enabled: you can choose if save locally the pics taken, set it as true or false.
  • save_dir: the folder where all images will be saved, use a . to say "where the client is located".
  • ftpes_enabled: enable or disable (with "true" or "false") the FTPES.
  • accept_all_certificates: choose to accept all certificates or not (true/false).
  • open_at_startup_enabled: enable the autorun at os boot (Only windows).

Attention: all config properties must be not null, even if you don't use one of them.

Disclaimer: this is a project in early development stage. Since that it may change at any time.

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