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Server side of Hermex client
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Hermex is a instant sharing tool. This is the runnable server side. If you would know what the client can do please read the correspondent readme.

UPDATE: The server is now compatible with all clients that supports uploads via HTTP POST and TCP Socket that match the protocol used by HermexServer.

How to install

Actually simply run it one time to generate the a config file. To run the server you can use: java -jar Hermex-server.jar.

How to configure

Open and edit the file, then launch the server again. It contains:

  • folder: the folder where the files will be stored, use a dot (.) to say "this directory".
  • web_url: the complete domain directory that will be returned in the link to the client. Include a final slash.
  • password: the password of the server that is required during the authentication check.
  • port: the port where the server will accept new connections.
  • folder_size(MB): the max size in MB of the entire server folder.
  • max_file_size(MB): the max size in MB of a file that the server will accept.
  • web_port: the port used by webserver for serving files and accept HTTP uploads.

Attention: all config properties must be not null, even if you don't use one of them.

Disclaimer: this is a project in early development stage. Since that it may change at any time.

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