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  1. In the Identity Inspector, for every pair of source/destination views, give them the same HeroID attribute.
  2. For any other views that you would like to animate, specify the animation effects in Hero Modifier String attribute.
  3. Also in the Identity Inspector. Enable Hero Transition on your destination view controller.

In Code

  1. Before doing a transition, set the desired heroID & heroModifiers to source & destination views.
  2. Enables Hero for the destination view controller
  viewController.isHeroEnabled = true

UINavigationController & UITabBarController

Hero also support transitions within a navigation controller or a tab bar controller. Just set the 'isHeroEnabled' attribute to true on the UINavigationController/UITabBarController instance.


There are two important attributes to understand, heroID and heroModifiers. These are implemented as extensions(using associated objects) for UIView. Therefore, after the Hero library is imported, every UIView will have these two attributes.

Attribute Name Description
heroID Identifier for the view. Hero will automatically transition between views with the same heroID
heroModifiers Specifies the extra animations performed alongside the main transition.


heroID is the identifier for the view. When doing a transition between two view controllers, Hero will search through all the subviews for both view controllers and matches views with the same heroID. Whenever a pair is discovered, Hero will automatically transit the views from source state to the destination state.


Use heroModifiers to specify animations alongside the main transition. Checkout HeroModifier.swift for available modifiers.

For example, to achieve the following effect, set the heroModifiers to be

view.heroModifiers = [.fade, .translate(x:0, y:-250), .rotate(x:-1.6), .scale(1.5)]

Note: For matched views, the target view's heroModifier will be used. The source view's heroModifier will be ignored. When dismissing, the target view is the presentingViewController's view and the source view is the presentedViewController's view.


This is a string value. It provides another way to set heroModifiers. It can be accessed through the storyboard.

It must be in the following syntax:

modifier1() modifier2(parameter1) modifier3(parameter1, parameter2) ...

Parameters must be between a pair of parentheses, separated by a comma. Each modifier must be separated by a space. Not all modifiers are settable by this.

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