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Converts Adobe Flash SWF files to video.


The latest stable release of Swivel can be found at

Building from source

Swivel is built using the Haxe programming language. Run haxe Swivel.hxml to build, then run PackageApp.bat to package the app.

The current source will have regressions from the binary release on Newgrounds; I'm trying to get everything working again!


Swivel is licensed under the GNU GPLv3. See for the full license.

Swivel runs using the Adobe AIR runtime. AIR is owned by Adobe Systems, Inc.

Swivel uses software from the FFmpeg project along with supporting libraries, licensed under their corresponding licenses. These libraries include:

bzip2, fontconfig, FreeType, frei0r, gnutls, LAME, libass, libbluray, libcaca, libgsm, libtheora, libvorbis, libvpx, opencore-amr, openjpeg, opus, rtmpdump, schroedinger, speez, twolame, vo-aacenc, vo-amrwbenc, libx264, xavs, xvid, zlib

The full licenses for FFmpeg and each library can be found in the FFmpeg/licenses folder. These licenses are compatible with the GPLv3.

FFmpeg and the these libraries are property of their respective owners. The FFmpeg build bundled in this software was compiled by Kyle Schwarz and downloaded from