@HertzDevil HertzDevil released this Jan 16, 2017 · 1 commit to master since this release


This is the final incremental release of 0.3.14.x. It ports the remaining pattern effects from the 0.5.0 beta, fixes a few more critical bugs, and further improves the frame editor workflow. The Sunsoft 5B implementation is also finalized in this build.

Important Changes

  • Effect indices are now remapped to match new effects in vanilla 0.5.0 beta
  • 5B implementation is basically complete, so previous 0CC-FT 5B modules may become incompatible


  • Ported the following features from 0.5.0 beta:
    • Reading 0.5.0 beta FTI instrument files
    • VRC7 Hxx / Ixx / Vxx pattern effects
    • 5B Wxx pattern effect
  • Added one-past-the-end frame editor row


  • Swapped 5B Hxy / Jxx and inverted noise pitch values to match 0.5.0 beta
  • 5B Wxx effect can be used on any 5B channel
  • 5B automatic envelope frequency now rounds off instead of rounds down
  • Exported multichip NSFs no longer contain data for unused sound chips
  • Changes to pattern indices now respect active frame selections
  • Creating a frame selection now always sets the focus to the frame editor
  • BPM display now follows current highlight settings
  • Groove settings dialog now shows a "*" for non-empty grooves

Bug fixes

  • Fixed tracker failing to read registry settings if the key "FamiTracker" does not exist
  • Fixed crashes due to deleting instruments while they are being used by the player
  • Fixed tracker crashing when reading from any 0.5.0 beta module containing note data on row 0x80 or below
  • Fixed VRC7 channels not resetting the pitch after note cuts during an active 3xx command
  • Fixed groove settings dialog not restoring previous values after selecting "Cancel"
  • Instrument editor now displays "-y" properly for arpeggio schemes
  • Fixed undo operations for changing pattern indices
  • Fixed Ctrl / Shift + Mouse Wheel not working without an active selection in the pattern editor while playing with follow mode disabled
  • Fixed "Populate Unique Patterns" command and changes to expansion chip configuration erasing song names

The following people have contributed to the bug tracker during this revision, in alphabetical order: ChipJockey, corlenbelspar, HighwayGuy, m9m, Threxx, YobaHere.