Assets 2


This version fixes a lot of bugs introduced during the previous few releases, especially the responsiveness issues from revision 1, while even more refactoring is happening behind the scenes. An experimental JSON exporter has been added, which will eventually replace the existing text exporter as the official module serialization format for 0CC-FamiTracker. Unicode support has also been added, and text strings inside module files are now expected to be encoded in UTF-8.

0.3.15 is the last major release of 0CC-FamiTracker 0.3.x. The next major release of 0CC-FamiTracker will be version 0.4.0. This revision 3 fixes a critical bug in revision 2 that caused crashes during dragging and pasting pattern data.


  • Added JSON export (experimental)
  • Arpeggio scheme sequence editor now includes a mode selector, use left / right mouse button to cycle forward / backward
  • Module import options for instruments are grooves are now more granular:
    • Do not import
    • Duplicate and import (same as existing behaviour, indices fill empty slots)
    • Import and overwrite (resources from new module replace existing resources, indices do not change)
    • Import missing entries (similar to above, but import only if existing slot is not occupied)


  • Tracker now uses UTF-8 encoding, this also fixes garbled text at various places
  • Tracker now retrieves song state when playing a single row
  • The following actions are now undoable:
    • Add / remove / rename instrument
    • Swap instruments
    • Clear patterns
  • CPU usage display on the performance dialog is now more accurate
  • Changing frame count no longer deletes bookmarks beyond the last frame, they are now greyed out on the bookmark settings dialog
  • Add / Remove DPCM assignment buttons on 2A03 instrument editor now work across octaves
  • NSF export no longer modifies current document
  • Sequence editor now draws straight lines when moving cursor across multiple items at once
  • Clicking loop or release point on the sequence editor now removes the point on the sequence
  • 5B noise sequence editor is now closer to 0.5.0 beta's implementation
  • Fxx speed / tempo split point is now adjustable on the module properties dialog
  • DPCM samples and instrument sequences are no longer imported if instruments are not imported
  • "Spectrum analyzer (fine)" visualizer is now finer than before
  • Replaced FDS emulation core with NSFPlay's upstream version
  • Replaced Fast Fourier Transform code with new one licensed under MIT

Bug fixes

  • Improved tracker responsiveness when scrolling across multiple patterns
  • Fixed unused patterns claiming memory unnecessarily
  • Tracker no longer freezes when searching for a non-existent groove index less than the current groove index on the song settings panel
  • Fixed crash when loading instruments while importing text files
  • Fixed crashes when importing FTIs for sequence instruments
  • Fixed text exporter writing additional text for FDS instruments
  • Tracker now reads N163 FTIs properly that include auto-wave position information from 0.5.0 beta (but still does not implement it)
  • Fixed find / replace dialog not recognizing hexadecimal strings
  • BPM display and wave file renderer no longer run twice as fast
  • Drag and drop across tracker instances now displays the correct number of rows in the selection
  • Fixed tracker erasing pattern selection after dragging and dropping to the same location
  • Theme import / export now handle hexadecimal strings properly
  • Fixed "Clear All" on groove dialog removing groove 1F from the list
  • Fixed "Auto arpeggiate chords" option not working when current song is not playing
  • Fixed row highlight sometimes not aligning with first row of the current bookmark region / beginning of the song
  • Fixed swap channels dialog sometimes not allowing swap when 2A03 is selected
  • Fixed several incomplete error messages when loading invalid modules
  • Fixed VRC7 Hxx and Ixx not working if a non-custom patch is played before a custom patch
  • VRC7 volume meter no longer flickers on "fast" decay rate
  • Fixed instrument recorder behaviour on VRC6 PUlse 2
  • Fixed "x:y" and "x:y:z" syntax not working with note names for fixed arpeggio MML input
  • Version checker now always looks for the most recent version number
  • Player no longer retrieves song state of current row to be played